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It's just for temporary custom themes, fixes in the UI, etc 

I know that every time that I run the app I will need to do it again, but is better than nothing.

Deepdwn community » Requests · Created a new topic DevTools

It would be nice if you let the user enable/disable DevTools in the settings, like Discord does.

Yeah, I saw it on Twitter, thanks dude!

Interesting, I will take a look at it, thanks!

I have it untouched in the Steam library + HTML5 exporter XD

Just curiosity, what language and/or libraries uses?

Why not making it "open source" in Github? That's how the app can grow up faster and get polished by the community.

Anyway, good job!

If for some reason, its released in Steam in some moment, we will receive a key?

Is there any way to set a custom font? If not, if it's planned for a future update, think about adding ligatures support for fonts like Fira Code.

Okay, thank you!

Hey! First of all, good job! It looks simple and easy to use. I wonder how you did the nodes, is there any documentation on the Godot site or something?

Sabes lo que opino, pero te lo has currado.