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Perfect Hat

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awesome buddy! thanks. 

does the clock have a 12 hour format setting?

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Any updates on the mac version? Just want to make sure its working on newer non-intel based macs currently? Thanks!

a truly great part!

Ive been making games for a long time, but indie-professionally for over 5 years now. Basically that indie-profesh to me means I have been releasing games on stores, channels and consoles for 5 years, but not really making enough money to do it full-time. My wife and I officially started our two-person team/company/imposter-syndrome-situation back in 2017 and released our first console game MEMBRANE on Nintendo Switch in February 2018. It will be launching on PC/MAC this summer on a couple different sites (including ITCH) as well as Steam. We have released some mobile games for iOS & Android as well and our newest mobile title Press/Release  will ship in April. We also are artists and musicians and do all of our art and music together as well. You can find all of our music on Bandcamp or on all major streaming services like Spotify, etc. 

We love the indie community here on itch and know we all are working our butts off just to survive and try and make as many games as we can. Making weird and creative and fun and innovative and simple and complicated and every single type of game known and not-known is what itch, and the indie world, is all about so THANK YOU for helping and letting us be a part of that. We are trying to keep doing it and the support we receive from everyone all over the world that gives our weird games and music a chance is what keeps us going in the end. 

Thank you, 

Seth & Jess

Perfect Hat

nice dude! love the dust in the cartridge thing, seriously was a great touch! 

Courtney Barnett is one of my favs! Great job!!

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subdued and quiet, subtle and simple with deep meaning. great work as usual.

Awesome. Totally beautiful and eerily "simple". I love it. Nice work!