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Thank you! 😊

Yes, sadly whenever I'm making a game final art comes before SFX/BGM and I didn't get that far...

Heya, I appreciate the input/feedback. I've added the controls within the game's description for anyone else who may feel lost. It is something which will be made clear in-game once I get around completing it, though!

Thank you :)

Thank you! :D

Thank you! I'll probably complete it in <2 weeks. The intro is supposed to have constellations depicting what happened. There's also supposed to be an online leaderboard (hence the need to submit a bounty name) but time got the best of me :P

I'll have to finish mine after the jam.

@ Wolod

Yeah, work along with an upcoming exam really got in the way for me :(... Hopefully you'll enjoy the finished product!


Thank you for including it in your video! Ideally you're supposed to keep your distance from the two dangerous animals (the elephants and the lions) and start of hunting the weaker ones to keep your hunger meter up. Z is to run and X is to use your bow.

Either way, it's still a work in progress :)


Thanks for leaving a comment. Yeah, I never managed to finish this game on time but I am going to complete it sometime soon. The final game will include sound along with online high scores :).