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Pepperoni Pizza and Pie

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holy crap this game is good lol

I'm thinking of making it actually scary xD

also proper controller support YE

Will it be SCP related or something that involves a laboratory? Also how do you plan on making the game?

Ok thanks! Can’t wait for the jam to start!

Can we put in our own characters? Or do we have to use Baldi and his friends?

Worried that you didn't make it? That's ok! There is now more time to finish your game!

It worked! Now everyone has more time to finish! :D

If I was able to, I would change the time limit. But I think it's a little too late now..

I uh, I guess so. Congrats!

Nice! I raged a lot playing this game lol. Didn't get to finish it XD

as long as you have permission, yes!

a little bit tbh


Hey everyone! Since I thought it would be a GREAT idea to start the jam at midnight, i might as well announce the theme now. Ok, so the theme is....


Have fun! But you still have to wait for the timer to be finished


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me being me, i got curious on what the assets were like (i didn't manage to work the game btw) and OMG IT LOOKS SO GOOD! Sorry i wasn't able to play the game, but do you think you have a video that showcases cell?

Thanks, and great work on the assets!

(and yes, i know i am replying to this 7 months later lol)

Just wondering, what will happen to my henry stickmin pet when the accounts come in?

I think I might have requested a character called Stickman. Did you get the thing on the google forms?


Can i still participate in the jam?

I think we all know what happens next

Unfortunatly, MASS is now offline..

you have 3 hours left to submit your game! hurry!

how do i play the game?

GT's Basics in Stick Man Education is a Baldi's Basics mod that technically takes place in a drawing. 1 problem is, I didn't mod every texture. There aren't even custom sounds cause I don't have UNITY installed... but who knows? Maybe in future updates I'll consider modding some more textures! That's all there is to say about this game. Enjoy!

OK! Bugboy is removed!

dont worry! I should be able to remove it ;)

Yep! Your allowed to make an HTML game!

Everyone will be able to rate the games submitted

The jam has started! Good luck everyone!

Good luck to everyone! Remember to read the rules and respect everyone!

you can be any age to join the jam! you just have to know how to make a game

Answer to question 1: Yes, you are allowed to use RPG Maker!

Answer to question 2: I will NOT be allowing sexual themes or extreme gore in the jam (but you are allowed to add a little bit of blood if you want to ;)

Answer to question 3: Yes, you are allowed to plan out the game before the jam!

Pretty good game! The only suggestion I have is that I got confused on what I was supposed to do on the first screen. I thought it was a loading screen XD My suggestion is maybe add a "Press Space" message on the bottom. Maybe that might help new players!