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This is a horror game.

I would like it more if I could monitor the hero's progress.

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Awsume musik! Little hard to control though, maybe I just need to git gud.

Also, I can't find the OST on ur youtube channel, where is it?

More pls

Not to my knowledge, but maybe you could make one? Some people might like it, since only art, puzzle design, and a little code would be required.

You need to make a sequel!

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But why? It's nice to find out that you didn't need to use all the moves to solve the puzzle. Right?

Edit: Maybe you could also add a time limit?

Can you also add number of left over moves as a factor too?

This game is fun, may I suggest adding a score value for the end of each round? :D

Wow! This is a great Christmas gift!

Good game, I juts wish there was a restart button, because sometimes I click and the golf ball goes so slow, and I have to wait so long for it to crash so that I can have another go.

You should make this into a full game

Fun game, you should add a score counter! :D

Wow! Two sequels! :D What will you add to them? How much will you be able to add since Pico-8 only has 256,000 bits to work with?

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I would have played more, but I didn't want to have nightmares... sorry... no hard feelings?

Over so soon? Man...

Dude you need to make a sequel!

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I love this game, I came back to this after a few months to play it when it popped into my mind! This game is so addicting!