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Too short demo, little history no appear to have interest. This gameplay mod is the same in the old nextuit FPS game (in some of the servers map) only de nextuit have more useful tool, you not only can launch and retract also can control the traction or not and used like liana like Tarzan ;).
Nice wild embiroment and actors, nice voice, if you put a good narrative tale, and better gameplay mod this will be a good game¡¡¡

I had a lot of fun playing this game. I play the Linux (open suse 42.2 leap with the old KDE 3.5 desktop) version without a problem, good xwindows gestion and run one click and play all run fine.
I found the secret but when the game turn to the old game look-like graphics only show a black screen, the game all right runs, select point and you can listen to the steps in the ground but see nothing.
Unfortunately, I'm less of money I can't help in this way, but I can translate to Spanish, only for the pleasure to end this amazing tale.