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Alime Pentapillar Ent.

A member registered Mar 01, 2021

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now this is wild, i'll try it later

Its easier while playing on non windows platform for me,

thanks for releasing it on

You're awesome, i really need this!

I love how the dad being dad, enjoying his family.

I love the difference background between MC and Ceri.

Shes such innocent adorable living creatures, that made me felt so guilty when i force myself to get all of the ending (nope, when it comes to VN, i have habit to get all its ending, especially when there's CG features)

You may need write a bit better fate for this cute creatures :'(

its the most brief way, but a bit annoying 

im on going short story project, and i will use this as my character set,

sorry, currently i can't support you financially. But, at least, i will add hyperlink to this page :(

dude, i search for it, and yes, they use the same sprites :(

Dude the story already smack me down (even at the beginning). Since you put the script uncompiled, i may make a patch of translation for this, so my psycho-addict friends can read (they dumb w/ english, so i need to sacrifice my time for them lol). 

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I have made an Indonesian language patch for use with DDLC!

This patch is not modify the actual story, just translate and casual-ize it :)

YAAAY ! i knew you can made it !1!1

love it ❤️❤️❤️

Im just using the second link !! ^_^