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at this point unfortunately not.

Thanks for taking the time to comment auch nice words here. Glad you and your group had fun and it fit into your campaign. :)

I addes some more!

Hope you have fun! :)


I just checked the game and updated the community copies. :-)

Totally forgot this comment, sorry, and I will add a Dev Log for this, too.

I added a PoD version of it on DriveThruRPG.

I’d be honored. Please do! If you need anything, just get in touch. :)

As of now, the English version is only available as a PDF. :-)

Thanks for reminding me. I refill those unregularly, but got new ones. If you do not have the chance, to grab one of those, message me and we’ll figure a way out for you to get one :-)

and another one :)

glad to join with some Mausritter content


I figured as much, but I am keeping track besides the progress bar and at some point this month, have a post about post Zine Month :)

Affinity Publisher. It’s great and not so hard to learn. Did use Scribus before and that was… weird. Also Affinity Publisher is in some sales for 50% off sometimes. Bought mine for 28 € or something.

I guess, some of us are in the same boat as you figuring out how to work together in this Jam-environment. The month is still young and there are already some real cool submissions. I am excited to see more coming in and how the end result will look like and what we make of it for Mayfield. Mayfield sounds like I want to do fairies, but let’s see :D

Great Idea, I am working on a Rumours, Plot-Hooks table for my submission, too. I hit you up on discord :)

I get your concern and totally agree. This is my first jam, so I am not sure how it is done on other jams. Are they planned or at least organized in some way, like a list of possible “tasks” where one creator assigns themself to to indicate, well that is my turf? Maybe something to consider for March’s Jam. I totally get, that this is Matt’s first Jam and I guess organizing compiling it can be quite challenging.

As for me I am sticking with the Riddermark / Tolkien flair, Matt mentioned. I am going for some knights and tinkering with some helm’s deep like situation as a possible adventure to my location. As there are submissions now, like The Isle on Loch Greve and the Sanctuary Silo, I will try to attach references to them on my location. It’s the least I can do.

That would be awesome. The Knock Zine and Gauntlet’s Codex show how this could work. Seems to have some kind of “core” team for doing layoutsy stuff, but gather content could be done via Jams I guess :)

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Just joined for this (I really wanted to join anyway for my adventures that still need translation from German to English) but maybe we can get something cool compiled too. It’s a bit more work, but would be really cool for the community I guess. Having a Zine as result of this Jam.

Maybe it’s something to consider for MoreMausritterMay and after having the initial experience of this jam :)