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II downloaded this expecting decent porn, I got a pretty good story to go with it too. I hope it's continued + completed, and maybe more femdom can make an appearance?

Have you made any changes since the last time I posted here? We are in need of more tiles, as currently we need to use some vanilla accompanied by this pack. Ultimately, I will be creating our tileset myself, but this is still the best tileset I've found to use in the meantime, and it would be great if it has progressed.

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I wish I could change positioning based on name length, because I can't really center the window directly above the character name, it will center over only ones I specifically set it for.

Also, I'm not sure why, but when I have a different character with no portrait talking, the last portrait just sits partially in the corner.

This looks imcredible. Could I use this to animate front view enemies somehow? Or perhaps replace all text boxes in the game with it?

This is God's work.

Did I mention you're incredibly cool? Definitely the creator I'd be most likely to donate to. Thanks for all the help.

Are these available for commercial use? I am an up and coming pixel artist, I would like to learn from this style and maybe use it in a game. This would really help further the development of the game my friend and I are working on. We aren't far along yet, but even using these as a teaching tool for myself would be immensely helpful.

Thank you. I saw the plugin said it supports MV and MZ when I downloaded it, so I had assumed that it was the MZ one, and I believe it may have even referenced MZ in the description in the plugin manager? I'm not sure. I already deleted it. Anyway, I really wanted to get this fixed because I'm interested in your moving platforms plugin, this is in early access for Patrons or is it no longer around? Or was I mistaken about its existence? I know there's a way to make moving platforms using eventing, but damn if that doesn't look super difficult.

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I'm using MZ, all plug-ins downloaded are the latest.

The first image happens after I do any input past the start menu, the second is immediate after game Launch.

I actually saw that alert in the plugin luckily enough. However, your core plugin is giving me a specific error as well.

Uncaught Type Error: this.playtest(...).nwindowPos.split is not a function at Object.onWindowLoad

It gives me this both on default settings and if I change the position.

It also says "DevTools failed to parse SoueceMap

After filling everything in for each character I'm getting the error 

"Type Error

Cannot read property 'create parameters' of undefined.

Any help?