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Actually I'll do so myself

@Norbez, you have no idea how glad your response made me. That kind of mystery that causes people to keep the story on their minds afterwards was one of my objectives, it makes me happy to see that I've succeeded.

As for the pondering the limits of freedom, honestly I agree with you, I feel like I rushed that description, since I was pressed for time in completing my submission, I denied my own beliefs in death of the author by giving the players a pre-conceived notion of what the game means, which I kinda dislike doing, I will change that later on when I think of a better way to summarize it.

Lastly, there is a meaning to it all, even to the lack of a setting, there is for me, but I prefer to hear whatever others think about the game, so if you have any thoughts about it, they are very welcome!

Heart Connection Failure: at least that's what i think it means.

Why? Well it is consistent with the juxtaposition of motives and biology in that the main character, whoever he or she is appears to lack empathy for a person in pain, The heart connection appears thus to be related to the person's lack of feelings for others, lack of heart if you will.

However, more so than the title, I am interested in the setting of the story. Why is there a need to be a conspiration in place? If there is a conspiration, it means someone is unsatisfied, which could mean just greed, but judging by Ann's behavior, there is a stronger motivation, one that would make her lord Charismatic enough for her to follow until death.

So basically, I liked it a lot, the music really adds to the atmosphere.