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Thanks of the feedback! Much appreciated! 

Well done! I like really like the concept and the execution. Love the section where you are able to guess the trail only by trying to avoid the red triangles. Give a good sense of suspance and sadisfaction.

On a minor note, the first screen does get a little messy after a few attemps.

Good job!

OMG you are like the ultimate rating machine! If you feel like going on more, here's ours:

TLO Jerry: Small Hands

Don't worry man! 

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Hey Neil (Or everyone in the room).

It's the first time we make a dungeon-based game and we would love to have some feedback on it.

(BTW your game is very good, would totally play a longer version!)

Hre's the link:

TLO Jerry: Small Hands

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This is an well executed puzzle game! 

Love the "themed" boards. If you would make a mobile longer version of this I would play it on the bus.

Goo job here, simple but to the point and have a very satisfying feel.

The only down side for me is the difficulty curve. It took me several attempts to begin to "not die at the first few balls", I would enjoyed more a less rapid increment of enemies to better understand the inputs.

Oh that's cool!

If you wanna check ours out it plays on the browser

Link here:

TLO Jerry: Small Hands

Got 7 reviews so far, but it's nice to have feedback whatever it might be :)

Thanks for the feedback!