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This is definitely one of the best submissions to NaNoRenO 2022. I really enjoyed the banter between Davian and Kalle, the pensive worldbuilding and the beautiful, wonderfully consistent aesthetic of the whole VN. The game is perfectly well-paced and does a great job of justifying its conceit. Thank you so much for making this!

I enjoyed this experience! I did not realize it was a demo, since it was such a kinetic story, structured to my eyes something like Planetarian. The characters in this story are endearing and while I think this qualifies as a complete narrative in its own right I'd be happy to see more. Roslyn is a sweet, earnest centerpiece to the VN.

My one quibble is that in its present state it was a very visually static experience—I of course understand how complex art generation is, but I think even without creating/commissioning any custom assets, some more could be done with various effects to introduce more dynamism into the visual frame. But it's not a big deal, and honestly the story would have been intriguing even had you put it completely in NVL mode.

Great little VN! The music is beautiful and I think the narrative really succeeds in striking the tone it's going for.

This was a fun little story! Almost a science fiction murder mystery of sorts. I really enjoyed it! The writing is solid, the art is really cute and the vibe is cool and intriguing throughout. I just wish this release could have had some free music for tone, but that's a minor quibble.

This was raw as hell in a good way. Way too much of this hit close to home but that's fine. We're all just trying to survive in online spaces that are rapidly disappearing out from under us at accelerating rates. I especially like that most of the storytelling is in NVL format. I love chatlog stories and you're great at writing them!

The Game Over screen in this game is legendary.

I enjoyed this sweet slice-of-life game a lot! The art and the characters were both extremely endearing. Heartwarming indeed.

S'all good! I get beaten up by deadlines too. I hope you are able to finish this!

I said as much on the NaNo page, but: this was sweet and adorable, I loved it.

This was an adorable little story! The romance was sweet and Luci was an endearing character. A great jam submission.

Huh. This is a really intriguing demo. Obviously I wish there was more but as a proof-of-concept this is engaging. It's like a more wholesome DDLC in some regards. Good luck with the continued development of this VN; I'll be keeping an eye on this.

This was glorious. I just wish I could have made the Bride of Frankenstein's Catboy.

I have to admit I'm a little baffled by this narrative. The abrupt ending aside, it felt very unclear who Morelle was supposed to be, much less Gray, and the body swap(?) doesn't seem to have made Gray feel at all dysphoric or uncomfortable or seem remarkable to them at all outside of the changed social expectation of being a much more high-class person. I couldn't figure out what was going on here and I came away feeling frustrated.

I agree that this is a very calm and atmospheric game with a sense of sweetness. I love the retrovibe I do kind of wish the MC were developed more as a character but maybe that reflects some of the inherent limitations of the medium? It's still an engaging game. 

(Also I don't quite know what the game saving does.)

Fun little intentionally silly VN with a neat premise. There's some mild proofreading that could have been done to make the script more accessible, but this story has a good sense of humor and I appreciated its submission.

I don't think this VN should have been labeled as being simply a horror story. It's a fantasy-horror-romance with boys' love elements.

There's a lot of interesting ideas here, but the game would have benefited a lot from a proofreader, and the sprites could have been stored in such a way that they weren't cut off into ugly rectangles. Also, the "bad end"—they're all bad ends, really—felt utterly random. It didn't occur to me that it was meant to be an illusion until I actually poked into the script myself.

Still, it's a creative story. Right now I don't feel like it's accessible, but the broad strokes of what you did here are interesting!

Wow, okay, I loved this. The use of fine pens and watercolors to give an almost storybook vibe to what is effectively a mecha story about the aftermath of war made for an extraordinarily artistically successful juxtaposition, and the story being told here was compelling, with both characters being likable and coming into a reasonable impasse over the course of the narrative. All the transitional scripted effects just heightened the experience for me. I'm actually really intrigued by Last Shooting now, knowing it led to such a magnificent jam submission. Thank you so much for making this!

I needed a friend who had played Destiny 2 to help me make a little sense of some of the plot, but I absolutely loved this! The thought of someone doing a fanfiction project for NaNoRenO wasn't really anything I had expected but it's frankly brilliantly suited to a jam of this scope and size. 

The quality of this game is great—the UI and title screen look amazing, the art is phenomenal and very loyal to its inspiration, and the writing and characters are strong—Misneth is adorable and Hollie makes for a likeable protagonist. Even without being a fan of the Destiny games I was very glad to see this VN.

I hope this VN gets finished! I really like what I've seen of it so far. I'm guessing the MC is a trans girl?

This VN  still needs... a lot, obviously.

Even without a soundtrack (I just put the BRAID OST on in Spotify to make up for it), this is a nice little game. As someone with pretty severe depression and ADHD I can relate a lot to the protagonist. The little details like the email competently paint a picture of someone who is exhausted and hopeless. The central metaphor with the plant is also really strong! Good writing here.

Finally gave this little game a whirl and I found it highly amusing. Not only is the humor great, but this is a very technically impressive game for how small it is. Excellent use of Ren'Py for a very enjoyable half hour of my life.

Hi, Zelan. I was the assistant team lead for Beyond Yesterday's Grasp. Thank you so much for playing our VN.

The first thing you mentioned is not actually a glitch. The Surrender ending is not precluded by stopping Genevieve's killer—in fact, quite the opposite; it's impossible to get the Surrender ending without having done so. The transition between the ending and the preceding scene is indeed abrupt, however, and this will be addressed in a future update.

We've discovered from reader feedback that most people on track to get the true ending will instead get Surrender, mostly because they only choose options that acquiesce to Genevieve's demands. Without providing any spoilers in this space, I will say that your choices in the second and last sets of options are both pivotal to getting the true ending.

Thanks for commenting! I hope you'll get to see the other endings as well.