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Hi!  I could turn it into a downloadable exe, the same way its sequel is built.  It's been a hot second since I worked with Flash/Adobe AIR so I'm pretty rusty, but it hopefully shouldn't be too difficult.  Would be nice to keep it more accessible for old times' sake.

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Glad you liked it!


Yep, there are additional endings, and you can indeed open that door!  There are a total of four endings, two from the original game and two added in this remake.  It can get pretty convoluted, so here's a video that gives a pretty good walkthrough I think:

Spoilers ---

There are four endings (three real ones, one is more of a "game over" kind of thing).  Two were in the original game - you got one of those, the sort of "good" ending for that version.  Then two others were added for this remake, another "bad" and "good" ending.  The steps to get the last one are admittedly kind of convoluted.

I think the endings and the steps to reach them are laid out in this video: