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fun fun fun


Vim pela arte que me chamou atenção, mas curti muito muito a jogabilidade. O cenário e tudo me lembrou um pouco o tarzan de gameboy(joguei demais esse jogo e tenho lembranças boas dele), só que é uma idéia original então é melhor ainda. Achei muito legal a habilidade de correr no próprio tiro de fogo com a cabeçada e dar um turbo VRUSSHH, espero que vc expanda o jogo um dia e esse ataque tenha mais uso como os outros tem na exploração. Única crítica que eu teria é que da p vencer os chefes apelando com o ataque de foguinho bem de perto(menos o clone final que tem que ser na raça mesmo). Eu gostei muito muito da trilha também

wow its been a while since I got goosebumps playing a bitsy game. The song ended(with the small pause before looping) as soon as I read "look forward to your bright future" pretty cool.

Very nice sprites and colors, with super moody music!

Joguinho jóia demais!!

Baixei e já  logo fechei o torneio com o Tcheco(adorei q o chute dele é igual ele chutando a bola de futebol no jogo original) agora vou conhecer os bonecos do Mangangá

Amazing game, I got actual goosebumps when the mother talked about the 900..

Can we PLEASE get a release of the soundtrack on bandcamp, youtube, wherever, like, no joke? 

AH I love your stuff, always helps putting me in a good mood

 I gotta stop sometime and try out this bitsy thing

I relate to this lil game very very very much.

I bought a car a month ago straight from the previous owner , and I'm still not using it for anything because of bureaucratic bs that dictates I could lose my car and license if I get pulled up by the police or something. Turns out you have to go everywhere to sort out a private sale like that.  I'm starting to think it would be easier to just become an outlaw and get a new name.

The sound sets up such an awesome mood! I downloaded it to listen to it on loop offline too. Beyond that I love the palette choices, nicely rendered backgrounds, and the fact that you progress from talking to animals that actually make noise to plants is real cool.

 Do you have other audio stuff posted somewhere else? I got really curious of what you can do music/sound wise.

Also, I have to ask, how did you embed the sound with autoplay in the description? would you share the code you used?

awesome use of Bitsy, cool atmosphere, and I loved the map section when returning to their home.

may I ask how did you add sound(great music by the way)? 

Goes to show "linear gameplay" can make a very thrilling experience

great art, great story,INCREDIBLE and effective gameplay

I was actually scared then happily  surprised by the end, bc I had seen my fish right at the begging, and after deliviring the letters it wasn't there, I thought something bad had happened.

Dude, mobile port? please?(and maybe a quick export thing?)

I wish I could play this anywhere! it's great!


puta qui paril br eh uma poha