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Thank you. I'm glad you are enjoying it! The people developing the game making software (Godot Game Engine) I use are still working on the mobile/web game side of things, but I'll look into it as it's mobile/web support improves.

Thanks for leaving a comment!

Is there another round of printing planned? Obviously there is demand for it.

Cute characters. I look forward to seeing them develop.

She doesn't need to be able to shoot while jumping, but being able to shoot while walking and running would be very useful. Adding a second melee attack where she rears up and kicks with her forehooves would also be very useful.

To be clear though, the big issues are the scaling and angle difference between the moving poses and stationary poses.

The artist Otsoga has obviously put a lot of love and hard work into creating the centaur lady asset. And, despite the issues above, I like her a lot! Did I mention she's so cute!?

She's cute! The stationary animations and the moving animations are are different scales though =( so I have to scale either the moving animations bigger or the stationary animations smaller to match them. Also the moving animations are sideview while the stationary and attacking animations are at an angle. There are no attacking while moving animations. So she has to stop to fire her bow or strike an enemy with it. It would be difficult to integrate the attacks with jumping, walking, or running. Maybe Otsoga could add some attack while moving animation sequences in the future. Don't know what to do about the scaling difference since that would mean redoing the animation sequences to better match either other.

This is so cute! I love it!

Nice quality! Happy to have it! 

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This is a good package. Quality is there and, obviously for free is a great deal. The 600+ sprites might technically be correct if you break everything down, but might give you the wrong impression since a single tree might be made of many sprites, for example.  Comes with a animated character, and three animated monsters, and some HUD graphics. Very happy with it. For free, this is amazing! Thank you Anokolisa!

I'm happy you're enjoying it!

It's an interesting comparison between dumb and slow, smart and slow, and smart and fast. Thanks for sharing.

Would you update the game to have a crosshair aim cursor or something easy to see? I loose track of my target cursor all the time and usually waste shots before I realize I'm shooting the wrong way.

Also, maybe I'm just not coordinated enough, but I find the movement system difficult. Maybe I'm just too used to playing Asteroids style ship movement that this way of moving throws for a loop. 

Anyway, game is visually cool, nice sounds, and nice basic game concept! Even though I'm not good at it, I like it.

Also, I love seeing games made with Godot Engine!