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Alexandre Pedroza

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Very very cool congrats. The sound effects are great. I only wish the tutorial messages would stop showing after a while, but they never did.

Very cool little game you made man! Would you mind doing a video/post about how you nailed the game's overall theme? It feels really good.

Dude I love basically every idea you gave me!  About the art style and the juiciness, I totally agree, both could be improved quite a bit. I still have a long way to go lol

I really want to do the crabs crawling up to you thing. I think it could be fun, specially if coupled with an twitchy song or something like that, raising the anxiety levels as the crabs approach you.

And no, I don't know the first thing about music lmao I really liked this track because it has the feel good lo-fi vibe I wanted, but I agree that something more chiptune-y would be more expected in such a game.

Finally, on the bug, thanks for pointing it out! I had just changed the ball behavior code a bit and was too tired to test it appropriately lol

Anyways, thanks so much for your time and attention, keep tuned for some improvements!

Both very good points. Will try to address them in the next update. Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot for playing man <3

Very tongue-in-cheek, combat is great, love the game overall. Just wish so much it was longer T_T

Thanks a lot man! I've just added the rest of the sounds, so all the levels made so far are fully playable as of right now, including the different enemies.