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OMG, thank you! :D

Brah, sokoban 2 just dropped and its lit 🔥🔥

Fantastic idea, and well executed game

I love the comedic tone. Level 3 killed me

Simple, but really addictive 👌

10/10 👌

Charming! *.*

Great game design, has to be my fav entry so far


Lovely art, nice attention to detail and tight game feel, love it

Addictive and fun.
Sometimes the RNG is a bot too random - i got 16 empty stairs in row at the start.

I think the pixel art is gorgeous.

I didn't read the description before playing and I thought the player character was a cute red squid exploring a under ocean cave system.

Nice and simple and really tense

This is one of those simple but effective game ideas that make you go "why didn't I think of that"
The speedy-boi that steals your key was a great enemy type.

I hope you will keep working on this game, I think it has potential.

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thank you for your feedback!
please do not hit your boyfriend I don't condone domestic violence

Scrooge McDuck: Origins

Fun, challenging, engaging, short n sweet


Sorry I can't copy the error log text

- It was the first level

- I played in browser (Chrome)

- It happens right after I enter the lift

A bit basic but fun ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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It's one of the most polished games so far
- intuitive ✔️
- clean readable art ✔️
- good controlls and game feel ✔️
- rewind theme ✔️

the only criticism I have is, imho this rewind mechanic (altho fun and functional) is not very creative/uniq

but overall great quality

Yay! thank you!

This is one of my favorite games so far 🏆

Man this is really fun and a cool idea!

Love the art style and accessibility

The only compliment I have is, that I get stuck at level 5 and I have no idea how to beat ti :/
I wish I could restart just that level

Thank you for your feedback, and I absolutely agree!
I really slacked off when it came to adding levels, lesson learned for next time hopefully 😅

I like the fact that you didn't use a time rewind theme 👍
sadly, I have an error at the end of the level :/
But I like the gothic like vibe, this would make a good horror game