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Peaceful Oats

A member registered Jun 26, 2016

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So my team and I thought the optional theme was pretty neat and decided to go along with that. Our game is going to be themed around Homer's The Odyssey because we know that poem pretty well and it's pretty cool. Our game is gonna be a greek mythology spin on a dating sim. We liked this idea because it sounded pretty silly. Today we're going to be establishing the game feel and characters and what not. We should be able to get a good amount of the game worked on today.

1. Hey, guys! My name's Justin. I'm 15 but everyone thinks I'm 19. I'm a graphic designer and I like to draw and animate stuff!
2. This is my first game jam and I'm super hyped! I joined because I heard about a g-jam pretty recently and it sounded interesting. My friends and I have been designing video games nonchalantly for the past year so I thought it would be cool to test our abilities and meet some cool people.
3. My favorite games are Shovel Knight, Mega Man 2, and Legend of the Fuji Apple looks really cool. Shovel Knight definitely was the thing that started me on developing games, it's a huge inspiration.
4. I have a handful of game development experience. In our team I was the graphic designer and did some level design. Our programmer uses game maker. We're pretty casual.
5. I'm all about drawing and animating, dude! It's pretty farout!