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thank you very much !

This is a small game I made for my daughter during lockdown time, she love memory game and music and I developed it on windows first but I tested it on Android too, this is the pc version anyway. Waiting for your comments and have fun play it

It's based on an old 80's game I loved quite a bit, I am testing some features and controls. The flight style is arcade but I think I will redo it on next stage of development. Waiting for comments and have fun try it.

Thank you very much for spend time and try my little game, I really appreciate your feedback about the movement, you right on the camera because I was aiming on make a system like Cannon Fodder but had not enough time for implement it correctly. I will try to make it better looking with your suggestion for sure. Best regards.

I was a lover of the original game played on my old 8086 on cga, for the time it was a very catchy game, impressive, I would replicate it too sooner or taler in unity ;)

I came across this gem, I really love it you put a lot of passion on it and very funny the talking too, great job ! I will come back and play more :)

My first project in Unity is alive and kicking, please have a look and give me your feedbacks !

Did you ever play to an old shooting game called Blood Bros ? Well this take inspiration from it ! Try it, inside my page you will find the WebGL and the Windows downloadable zip.