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Thank you so much for playing my game!

Thank you for taking the time to play one of my most obscure games. 

It's not the best game, or even the most playable but I poured everything I could into making it even if it was flawed.

It means a lot to me that you took the time to play through it and care.

Thank you so much. I'm glad you found value in it.

I'm glad you liked this game since it's ultra obscure and from when I was starting out and it was really rough.

Thank you for playing.

That's really really fair. Also you have ultra obscure taste in video games which I appreciate.

thank you so much omg!!!!

Thank you! ^^

I'm glad to hear from you again too.

Thank you for leaving those messages, they were nice. 

While making these games I was recovering from some very traumatic injuries and it mixed with past trauma and my own mental illnesses. 

Most people will never play this series and its a complete mess but without it I never would've made any games.

The fact that another human being played it and had it mean something to them means so much more to me than when people like my more polished (but still very flawed) games.

People like you who like Hazel are really rare but are the people who I want to make games for.

I am sorry about the delay in replying. I was in a bad place after the racial justice bundle due to the amount of attention. Now that it's died down I'm kind of ready to peek out from the hole I've been hiding in. I hope this message finds it's way to you.

The answer to your question is that Arle is a gigantic nerd and named herself after a video game character. I live in fear of the thought that  Sega might someday force me to change her name.

I know I missed this but omg thank you so much for playing my game and leaving a wonderful comment. It makes me so happy someone enjoyed one of my games.

Thank you, I didn't really know much about drawing at the time I did this game but I decided to just try. I'm glad it grew on you despite being really rough.

As far as how I am, I struggle a lot and have a lot of problems but I am the most okay I have ever been in my life. 

I'm glad I'm alive.

Thank you so much for playing through my game and commenting! It always brightens my day to get comments like this. 

Arle realistically would've waited more than 3 months but it started to get a little too oppressive to have her wait too long.  Plus the workload for a full game like that would be unrealistic. I'm planning on making a sequel eventually though. 

I will, currently pc0 was really meant to be a chance to practice and get over my social anxiety about posting things and worrying about them being good enough. I'll be switching to another account eventually to post games. 

I cried many times making this series but I had to finish it in order to find the strength to move forward with my life. 

I'm really grateful that you read through the series to the end. I know that it was really rough at the start and a lot of it was wonky but I'm so grateful you saw things through with her to the end as well. 

You have done a lot of amazing things.  I've kind of quietly followed your work from a distance but I hope you keep moving forward as well. 

Sorry about the slow reply. I am one of those people who become hyperfocused on tasks and end up ignoring everything else in the pursuit of it. I loved your picture and I treasure it. Ignoring people isn't cool it's just I struggle and I am a normal person who is just trying to do okay. I get distracted. I will respond to your email now.  

Hi, I responded to you on tumblr. I am super sorry about missing that message. I haven't used tumblr in a really long time.

I guess the secret to being awesome is I try to make things and put in a little bit of time every day doing so. 

Your tumblr message was really really nice and I appreciated it so much. I couldn't see the art but I would love to see it. My email: is the best place to contact me or send stuff. 

I'll be uploading some new stuff onto my account hopefully today that I had avoided posting. Thank you for caring about what I make. 

Thank you so much. I don't get a lot of comments so when someone says something like this it means so much. 

You made my day!

Oh my gosh thank you, that was one of the first games I ever made and it means so much that it could make you happy.  Your comment really brightened my day. 

Thank you for leaving a comment. It always makes my day when someone leaves a comment on my work. :)

Your work is always so wonderful to see.  I've had days where I've needed a game like this.  Thank you for making this.

Thank you, I plan on continuing this at some point. I will post a response when I do. Thank you for playing the game!

Thank you, I spent too much time working on the script as without a strong script the game is going to be terrible. Unfortunately then I didn't have time to implement that script which led to the game being something that I am not proud of but at least it released. 

I hope that I can release the full version eventually. When I do I will let you know. 

She is okay under some scenarios and I've always imagined that she went on to live a happy and fulfilling life afterward. 

Thank you so much for playing my game!

That makes a lot of sense. Good luck with your game!

I couldn't figure out how to enable the option in the game?

I really really appreciate you adding an option for removing the more ignorant comments. Thank you so much for making that change. 

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I hope it wasn't too upsetting. I needed to write this and sometimes it's important to write things that aren't happy. 

Thank you, I'm glad that you kinda got the feelings I was trying to convey. I am still learning to draw it just kinda worked out and I'm grateful for that. 

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it.