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Sorry about the slow reply. I am one of those people who become hyperfocused on tasks and end up ignoring everything else in the pursuit of it. I loved your picture and I treasure it. Ignoring people isn't cool it's just I struggle and I am a normal person who is just trying to do okay. I get distracted. I will respond to your email now.  

Hi, I responded to you on tumblr. I am super sorry about missing that message. I haven't used tumblr in a really long time.

I guess the secret to being awesome is I try to make things and put in a little bit of time every day doing so. 

Your tumblr message was really really nice and I appreciated it so much. I couldn't see the art but I would love to see it. My email: is the best place to contact me or send stuff. 

I'll be uploading some new stuff onto my account hopefully today that I had avoided posting. Thank you for caring about what I make. 

Thank you so much. I don't get a lot of comments so when someone says something like this it means so much. 

You made my day!

Oh my gosh thank you, that was one of the first games I ever made and it means so much that it could make you happy.  Your comment really brightened my day. 

Thank you for leaving a comment. It always makes my day when someone leaves a comment on my work. :)

Your work is always so wonderful to see.  I've had days where I've needed a game like this.  Thank you for making this.

image of error

Here is essentially what happens. In this way it's barely playable but at certain resolutions I can't actually click start. 

The unity quality setting don't scale the assets with them so the result is that I can't click anything even with it scaled down. If you have an email address I can send you a video of the problem so that you can fix it. 

Is there any way to make a version with a lower resolution? 

My computer can't run it the way it is now. 

Thank you, I plan on continuing this at some point. I will post a response when I do. Thank you for playing the game!

Thank you, I spent too much time working on the script as without a strong script the game is going to be terrible. Unfortunately then I didn't have time to implement that script which led to the game being something that I am not proud of but at least it released. 

I hope that I can release the full version eventually. When I do I will let you know. 

She is okay under some scenarios and I've always imagined that she went on to live a happy and fulfilling life afterward. 

Thank you so much for playing my game!

That makes a lot of sense. Good luck with your game!

I couldn't figure out how to enable the option in the game?

I really really appreciate you adding an option for removing the more ignorant comments. Thank you so much for making that change. 

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I hope it wasn't too upsetting. I needed to write this and sometimes it's important to write things that aren't happy. 

Thank you, I'm glad that you kinda got the feelings I was trying to convey. I am still learning to draw it just kinda worked out and I'm grateful for that. 

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it.