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I do have plans to make it on Linux, just a little bit later ;)

Thank you! It is very nice to hear that :) Did you get to the cableway?

It is in a very early stage of development now, more like vertical slice, and still many features are in development ;)

Hey! Thank for playing!

The stairs was ruined by design in a latest build.

With the last patch, I've added checkpoint system (and I'm going to continue working on it) and it affects the demo layout in a way that one of the shortcuts became redundant, so I decided to remove it for now.

Hello there! 

After almost two years of development I've finally finished the first demo of my game - The Eraser.

The Eraser is an fast passed action/RPG game designed in Metroidvania/Souls-like fashion. In a town where people can get their most painful memories erased, a professional, the Eraser, takes on the contracts to hunt down his clients’ traumatic experiences that manifest as twisted monsters.

You can grab demo here:

Please let me know about any bugs or other issues you have faced during the gameplay!

Hello there! 
Have you tried out the demo yet?
What did you like and what you did not?
How do you feel about the combat, the atmosphere, the story?

Feel free to share your thoughts. We'll be here to answer all the questions I can :)