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A member registered Mar 31, 2017

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Replied to PayneAlltop in Bug Reports

same problem happened

Replied to PayneAlltop in Bug Reports

I uninstalled it and reinstalled it ill see if that fixes it

Replied to slipcor in Bug Reports

i tried all that but when i hit z nothing happens and if i hold z it wont allow me to select anything

Replied to PayneAlltop in Bug Reports

also i thought it was a wifi or computer problem but at my friends house (who has a lot better wifi) the game runs smoothly on my laptop and i still cant make hammers

did you try getting the itch.io app? ive found it runs better off of it

Posted in Bug Reports

Hey just wanted you to know that on the most recent update when you try to use the cycle wheel to create different heads it doesn't allow you to select anything and currently doesn't allow you to create hammer heads making it difficult to keep up with the AI's greedy demands.