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I thought it would be cool if I built my market on a floating raft in between islands, so I built north from one of my islands, and placed the market on a raft 5x5 made of bridges. I then later remembered that you can buy land. I bought the island where I built my market, and it didn't destroy my market, and it's still functional, but I can move through my market as though there's nothing there. I'm not sure if monsters are implemented yet, but this seems like a potentially abuseable bug if I can walk through something, but NPCs cannot.

I like how this game of "chance" has purely preordained results to every choice. As an asian person, I can never get to the city by following the law? As an african I can never live the american dream, giving my children a better future by saving and allowing them to inherit my hard work? As a female I can never find happiness with my loving husband? This is a really great propaganda piece. You should definitely invest more time and money into making this a game, so that everyone can give you an overwhelming negative score on Steam.