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Warning!! spoilers in the comments below!!

there's so much i enjoyed! the art especially:) off to a fantastic start. thank you!

Thank you for all the work you and the rest of the team put into this game:) I probably don't know even a 1/4 of all the work that went into this, but have so much gratitude! this game has brought a lot of joy, laughs, comfort and some tears over the last few months. All the heart you all put in is evident, and i hope you feel some of the love the fans feel!!

p.s. the new version of the theme song is immaculate

love these characters and the artistic style- would so enjoy another adventure with them<3 ty for sharing!

thank you for sharing this game w us!! I really enjoyed it, especially the characters and the art:) 

omg yes i do mean Faye! mb lol

aw ty for sharing devs!! super cute and its obvious how much care has gone into this! 

1. Which character did you like best?
I think my favorite part was seeing them all interact w each other and how their lives overlapped! 
favorite LI....i think they're all charming so far and i'm so excited for the other routes especially nico's   ! I liked how fuzzy and endearing robin's route was:,)

2. Did you manage to unlock the post-credits scene?
not in my first playthru, but I will use the walkthru- ty for posting btw

3. Would you like to see more of any particular side character/ is there any other content you'd like us to add or improve on?
i would not be mad if u chose to add an alex romance route dlc someday<3

if ur giving out the discord lmk, that sounds fun!:)

btw ur work in this was so professional and clearly done w care- i'd be happy to pay if y'all ever choose to do a sequel or another project

fdjkljdslkf i am so in love all these LIs!!<3 this is so well-made (the VA, the art, the music, the writing???? wow) ty devs:,)

if ur curious abt the love it's getting over on r/otomegames!:

Loving the demo so far, but it keeps freezing my computer (playing on 40HZ)- does anyone have any tips? 

so so stunning.... i love that this exists. thank u dearly for sharing this with the world dev team<33

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WOW! this demo was just fantastic- i love all the gorgeous details like the horn sounds at the title cards and the weaving/knot motifs throughout the menu etc etc. I couldn't stop appreciating the art, and I'm in love? with all ? the ? characters? and just the world- all the 'arthur's ass' and little quirks were utterly charming. I'm not one who often is curious enough to play through every single decision/route, but I definitely was here- many thanks to the dev team and I'm excited for the Kickstarter:)

just wanted to echo the other comments and say that i love this game!! i wanted to thank the dev team for such a wonderful story<3  the art and writing were so well-done and enchanting! it's really original and nora is so fun to play! i just finished my first route and am so excited to play the rest:) just one quick question- what am i supposed to do about the elliot sized hole in my heart now?? 

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Chapter four was such a treat oh my goodness! The art, the writing and music worked so well together to communicate atmosphere!!
Just wanted to let y'all know unity did crash on me a few times when trying to exit the game from the 'end of chapter four screen', but otherwise smooth sailing:) thank you dev team<3

just came to say that i while I knew there were different routes available I didn't appreciate how unique they were until I started my second playthrough!! it surprised me just how different they were, and I really really appreciate that- this is basically three games in one!:) i love how they all fit together too<3 ty dev team

SO GOOD !! wow:) this came recommended and i have to say it blew past my expectations it p much all aspects. It's clear how much time, thought and love went into this <3 thank you devs

I love how EK is developing into such a whimsical and whole landscape! All the characters are so dynamic and charming, and all the work and passion that has gone into this story shines through. Thank you for sharing!

thank you for the reply!! I thought I had, but I probably just made a mistake on my end and accidently replaced my old saves😅 

Hi!! So excited for chapter 4!

I had a little tech issue I was wondering if anyone else ran into/could help with? I downloaded EK again, but when I went to run it I couldn't load my saves and all the data folders from other versions appear to be gone? Replaying isn't a big inconvenience lol, but I thought posting here might be worth a shot! Ty!!

I'm excited for this update- thank you for listening, learning and addressing these concerns!!

What a cute demo!! I'm so excited to learn more about this little world, and its cast of characters! I really like the warm color scheme and all the details- like the carvings in the text box frame or foliage the backgrounds! thank u for sharing this game with us!

Just fyi I got this error at the very end of the game right after 'thanks for playing...'

idk what kind of feedback ur looking for, but i also felt like there were a few sentences that might read easier w commas? but totally feel free to disregard this!! not a big thing

thanks again:))

I'd also like to know the best way to support the devs!!

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So I may or may not have stayed up all night and played through in 6 or so hours..... This Game Is Fantastic. Definitely Top 10 I've ever played, it is so well made. It's remarkably thoughtful, both in the story and in the build. The complicated (in the best way) plot is complimented by simple controls, and the graphics are beautiful and charming, the maps are engaging, the character development keeps me on the edge of my seat... I have to play more! The detail is stunning, the little animations are so smooth... I lack words to express how thoroughly I loved playing it (hopefully me sitting down and not moving for 6 hours can express some of it haha). I'm a little obsessed. All my kudos and thanks to the devs for sharing this amazing game with us. Thank you!!<<33

I think the only thing I desire is a way to save + access the title menu at all times in gameplay. But, it wasn't a big issue at all. Thank you for including this in the Racial Equity Bundle too!

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this is such a fun and unique game! i love the looks + i feel like I'm learning how to play it reach round haha thank u devs!! x

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this game ran really smooth for me, and the graphics are gorgeous!! the whole game, i loved looking at everything! I enjoyed how the plot developed and meeting all the characters! I can't imagine how much work went into developing this little world, thanks to the dev team<3

LOVE THIS!! the colors, the little interactions, etc etc <<33

I'm excited to check this out!! Do you guys think you might make any games with romance-able female characters in the future?

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Merci pour la réponse:,)

Je ne pense pas je peux bonne traduis tout le jeu..mais si vous besoin une réviseure pour la version anglais, je peux aide si vous voudriez? 
Mais, je suis heureuse joue le autre jeu- merci pour le lien!:)

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je suis américaine et ce jeu est en ma liste "to-play",  mais j'ai voulu dit un VN en français est très cool!! J'adore vois ci et merci pour partegez avec on (ma français est rouillé, désolé..peut-être je peux joue cette et j'appelle ca étudier quand l'année scolaire commence? lol)

Got all the endings!! Super cute, thanks for sharing:)

This game has cast a spell on me- its so captivating and enchanting!! The music, the characters, the scenery, are all so delightful! It seemed to touch my heart so easily. Thank you so much for sharing this game with us- I expect this is one I will find myself coming back to time and time again.

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Really excited to see what's to come in the full game after such an dazzling demo! Thanks for sharing:)

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I've only just started the demo- but I'm enchanted already! I'll make sure to leave a full review when I've finished! However, one thing I've noticed is the Grimoire- the symbol on the cover of it, and the symbol for "darkness", is the Star of David. This doesn't quite sit well with me; surely a five-pointed pentagram could serve the same purpose that the six-pointed Star of David was intended to? I think it may even be better for it, as it is already associated with the occult/magic, rather than the Star of David which is associated with modern Jewish identity. If you wish to avoid religious symbols entirely (as the pentagram is used by some Wiccans), a triskelion may also be appropriate? 

Edit: I see this was already pointed out- my bad, I should've read on! 

Also I did notice two areas that could be re-worded if you want??

"...the more in the instruction of an art..." perhaps 'an emphasis in the instruction' or 'better for the instruction of' because the sentence is a tad unclear

"In that case, the Lord President..." i'm probably just picky, but 'Other than that' or 'in addition to' would be better suited, as "in that case" usually references an alternate or exclusion, rather than something that is in addition to something else

I don't mean to come off critical, they were just two moments that took me out of the game so I thought i'd mention it- sorry this comment got so long ':(

THANK YOU!!!! The dev team is so amazing!!! The responsibility, reliability and communication they express is so refreshing and they share this wonderful game with us :) thank you for being great

I'm so tired of kickstarter and similar platforms being abused. Creators need to be super responsible when using them, because abusing systems like this destroys trust in indie media, and thus indie media as a whole :/ like yeah we're all people and shit happens, but its past that- Agashi is subject to legal action by every single backer at this point, under sec 4 of kick's terms of use- but like none of us actually have the resources to do anything so no one can police this shit. Creators who scam need to be shut down or meet some consequences. If this keeps up indie media is in the toilet and we all have to rely on big names for games...