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Absolute brilliance. Unlocked 6 endings so far and it just keeps getting more and more profound. Looking forward to your future work, dev!

Thanks so much! They’re definitely a lot of fun to make :)

thank you, mate!

Appreciate it, man :)

Honestly really awesome game but it's way too easy to just spam through the whole thing. Hopefully the next update balances things a bit more.

Looks great! Will definitely give it a go :)

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Had this in my collection for a few days and got around to playing it tonight. It's like World of Horror crossed with Faith and I loved it! Any plans for a second part?

10/10 for title accuracy.

Super impressive that this was made in 12 days!! Kudos to you :)

This is a really neat concept! Loving it so far :)

This looks great! Will have to see if I can tear my pals away from our current campaign to give this a go. Definitely looking forward to the adventure! :)

This looks great! Definitely will be following this.

Love the look of this! Will definitely be picking it up soon! :)

Thank you, m8. Appreciate that :)

Ooo this looks great. I love rythm games so I'll def be giving this a go! :)

Hey guys! If you have a sec, give my game Darkpath: Wanderer a try. It's a procedurally generated, endless adventure featuring all sorts of weird fantasy content. It's an early access game which is why feedback is super important to me right now. Thanks again <3

This looks super cool! Def giving it a shot :)

You’re welcome :) any plans for future content?

I like it a lot! I'm glad you're proud of it <3

Love it! Really nice level design and the gameplay loop is engaging. Kudos to you, friend :)

Very neat! Excited to see more <3

Super groovy vibes on this one. Too bad I suck at it lol :)

Love it <3 Only quirk I noticed was if you're moving when the upgrade selection appears, your character keeps moving and usually ends up way out of frame. Otherwise it's great! :)

Good work, neat concept :)

Looks good! Will give it a go :)

My game Darkpath: Wanderer is an infinite, fantasy roguelite featuring ascii graphics and procedurally generated zones. It's my part-time passion project and I'm always looking for feedback so if you have a moment to give it a whirl, I'd really appreciate it! <3

Darkpath: Wanderer by pavementz (

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Darkpath: Wanderer is an endless roguelite featuring ascii graphics and procedurally generated, fantasy wackiness. It's a rebuild of an old test game I made a few years ago and never got around to publishing. Looking for any and all feedback so if you have a minute, I'd appreciate the download. Plus it's totally free! :) 

Grab it here on my dev page:

Wtf this is super cool. Kudos to you!