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I had not play this demo for about 6 months because there was some crash issue. I spent 8+ hours playing it (not in fullscreen coz it stil crashes) an then it crashed. I have not been able to get it to run more than 5 minutes before it crashes (even if you do nothing and watch the menu screen) - until about 2.5 hours ago, when I started again after a wipe, now I have maybe 40 wins - the thing that is triggering the crash now, is swapping from Tier 1 Fire Staff (1-2 DMG) to a Tier 1 Ice staff (6-11 DMG) - I think the animations might have something to do with it - besides that, in the dev console there are a hell of a lot of "Violations" , "Promise not caught" exceptions, and other JavaScript errors _constantly_ - I have not played the Steam Version yet

was working perfectly for many months now, but i noticed this is an updated version, adn I know 32bit Raspberry Pi OS also updates audio DLL's recently, so can someone confirm on currently available Chrome Browser, current game version c0.8.6 crashes after fist background music ends.

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sound is working again on RPiOS in Chrome as of 3 weeks ago, thanx (sorry NZ weather has been a side track for that long)

I think you need to organise a session of various skilled play styles, as some of the scales, ranks and type of gear are not usable - for me the large blades (come too late for early game use), and Titan gear goes straight to the rubbish bin, as they dont have enough stats, same with the Divine and new "moon" (?) gear (but they do have more stats) cos stats are too low, and often Green Gear is better than Purple and Gold gear (because they have a reduced critical stat by comparison) - I say "various skilled play styles" because I target DPS (which is mostly linked to Dexterity) while trying to keep the Strength high (across _all_ character types) - it would nice to Tweak Divine + Moon gear, and replace the current Titan gear with a new formula, but I dont know how that affect other "play styles" or "build types" - you really need a "group feedback session" for that, so others know why some changes are _not_ made (but rather just tweaks, etc)

I just had a run to 48-ish where the last battle lasted 5 min + (maybe longer) as my "dagger boy" had an item on him he managed to beat down 4 shield orcs and 4 banner boys, but died on the very final hit (whit succeded) - on the end of battle screen I wanted to check what item it was and what his gear was - it would be nice (on defeat) to be able to click the dead dwarves and have either their character sheet come up on the right or their character (which you could mouseover) to get their character sheet - this is beside the current layout where you get battle stats on mouseover (of dead or alive) dwarves

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I played the 22-11-16 demo that had sound (in the browser on, and I think I played 30-11 and 09-12 demos (or one of them) that also had sound, but this 23-01-11 no longer has (working) sound. (note I am in Chromium on RPiOS)

PS. Can you also add a second Menu key (specifically for brouser use) like CTRL+M or just M, as ESC takes the game out of fullscreen in the browser - as a desktop app, Esc is quite normal for a menu, but not in a browser, so a second key option would be nice (I thought there was one?)

nup sorry, could not figure this out (web version) - could have been cool

ambisious, almost gets there, maybe - need to do something with the code of the transitions from menu and expired timer - I almost thought my browser had crashed

another game I was forced to rate that could not be play tested - hence the generic rating - ho humm..

Yay, more submissions that I cant play test. At least this was a web version.

You guys know there is a submission that is only random encounters right? A web version of this would have been nice, at least I would not have been forced into a generic rating (sry).

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Unfortunately I was forced to rate 3 other games that I could not test and one that would never run on Linux Arm (cos it was a windows x64 download only) before I could rate this (Like I Do WIth Any Other Itch.Io Game That Is Enjoyable Or Worth Commenting On). I would not say it was overly original (except the premise of only random encounters), but it was definitely enjoyable/fun, even though I completed one character quest the 1st time, I almost died at least a dozen times, including on the Demon King boss (12 health), definitley potential for moola to be made from a game like this, base map is a bit bland, and the menu system is slightly quirky, but overall really high level of polish - definite replayability - definitely worth all those stars - thanx for supplying web version (most others didnt) - hmmm.. I just reviewed all the other submissions that have web version, and this was hands down the best of the lot by a mile (or 100)

Extremely irritating to playu in a web browser, especially on linux - thanks for forcing me to vote for this

Failed to load: img/pictures/Harold_Scream.png

apart from that (which i guess is interfering with the end game) sweet game

Context3D not available! Possible reasons: wrong wmode or missing device support.

try this if you need some ideas: - context3d-not-available-when-forcing-software-rendering-in-flash

I dont suppose you could provide an arm-linux download as well (RPi, but generic armv7 would be fine)

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lost connection to server

lost connection to server

lost connection to server


think there is something wrong with your server connection code

shame, game looks promising, especially for browser

nice, maybe not everyones cup of tea but I liked it, I like the other one too, shame they both crash alot.

actually if you play for long enough you will see 2 brown lines that denote the "deposit area"

yeah, LudumDare's can be like that. Just play the game for a bit, and read everything