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lovely, disgustingly tactile

bonus points for non-cringe musical number

One of my new favorites, extremely creative use of minimal UI...look forward to checking out your patreon

I see you are also a scholar of penn station

many thanks + congrats on the win!

hm, i'll try to fix the dialogue system soonish

thanks for the kind words!


v nice mechanics

Very useful

You uploaded the entire Unity project -- all you needed was the contents of the "Builds" folder

Nice visual instrument

+1 on screen effects, quite nice

could be faster paced, I also think some of the zombies are spawning outside the fence

This is absolutely the best

I somehow quite enjoyed this

just fyi - when the main menu reloads after reality collapses the cursor is missing (i assume it's still deactivated from the gameplay mode?)

I am not quite sure what I am doing but I do appreciate the unrepentant commitment to irritation

This is really nice once you get in the rhythm of it 

I particularly enjoyed engaging w/the yellow boxes + would love to see similar variations throughout the environment

Thanks! Re: FPS drops - I'm guessing this is a result of the ragdolls, I'll probably write something to clean them up in the next day or two

whoa thanks! Flattered and enjoyed hearing your reactions haha

you’re right to note that the dialogue timing is waaaay too fast - I hope to fix that shortly