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I loved this Siren head game but I wasn't sure how to progress once I got to the bridge. I'm guessing I should've laid down and given up? lol. It bugged out in the woods and I got stuck at the end, though deffo my favourite Siren Head game I've played so far! Keep it up!

This freaked me out with how dark it was and could be great if expanded upon, theres so much mystery surrounding the Siren Head creature.

Great work anyways :)

I must admit I wasn't expecting to go on a date with Siren Head but, I had a great time :D
This was fun and made me laugh, though no background music played for me (I'm not sure if there was). I think i got all the endings haha

Keep up the great work! :)

this was soo creepy and would be great to see it expanded further!

Great work! :)

Thanks so much for asking me to voice act! I cringed massively at my two voice lines lol but enjoyed it all the same. I liked the more parkour sections of this game similar to that test in the original Confraternity of Toast and the maze too! 

Was good fun and I certainly wasn't expecting the ending lol.

Keep up your great games dude!

This was so much fun as someone who loves ACNH. And a bit of a backstory as to why Blathers hates bugs so much was neat. Really enjoyed the ambience and the puzzles, even if I did take a while to find the room with the watering can lol. 

Keep up the great work, here my lets play :)

Gotta say I really had fun with this one. Mixing the cooking sim stuff with horror elements and a strange twist at the end. It had its own quirky charm that I really resonated with. I think the PS1 style graphics were great and gave me that bit of nostalgia. I also had a surprising level of satisfaction from making a Happys Deluxe lmaoo. Think the monologue with the tape, could have done with being a bit shorter, but other than that, enjoyed it!

Keep up the great work!

Here's my lets play :)

This was genuinely awesome! I had so much fun with it. That retro audio creeped me out the entire time [the silence made it worse when the music stopped haha]! And I wasn't expecting such a difficult boss fight, but it was a really good challenge! Getting right onto Chapter 2 and 3!

My lets play of Chapter 1:

I found this through the Haunted Demo Disc and I gotta say I love the aesthetics and world building you've done. I was immediately drawn in and immersed by this strange corrupted world and the giant neuron star in the sky. 

Keep up the awesome work!

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I LOVED this. I had so much fun with it and I need to go back to it to get to the Fun House. Is there a way to save it as I'd like to carry on?
Thought the enemies were really unique and cool and the PS1 style horror in the style of Resi Evil and Silent Hill, it all works in the dollhouse setting. When I came out and went back into the game it did freeze on me, other than that it seemed to work fine, though I couldn't get my controller configured for one reason or another. 

This looks so good and look forward to seeing the full game!

Keep up the awesome work!

I liked your game and to make it in 4 days is really good. I liked the pixel effect a lot, it gave the location itself an eerie vibe. I think maybe more audio as you progress and some more clues to find out further info would be good, before the big reveal at the end. 

Keep up the great work!

Here's my video on it:

I enjoyed this! Short and sweet and loved Siren Head's look and the audio!  Could there be more to come from  Siren Head?

Here's my vid on it :)

Great fun and strong message about Christmas time, I particularly enjoyed the maze, that didn't take me long at all....

This game really feels uniquely fun and creative. At times I get confused visually but thats kinda why I like it lol. I'm looking forward to seeing where the story goes. Thanks for sending me the link :D

There looks like theres so much to this! I'm raring to jump back in as I only tried it out on easy and didn't even see Boofie. Love the visuals and theres so much content to explore which is great. Everything was well explained through the radios (though I find myself skipping it sometimes if its too long haha). I'm not sure if I was just lucky with the keys but I'm guessing you have to get the corresponding coloured key for each gate, (maybe again cos it was on easy that didn't apply) but whichever one I grabbed each time it worked :D

Twas fun, nice work Jay!

I had real fun with this, though I struggled to find my goat brothers lol. Some glitches here and there but looked good aesthetically and the audio worked well. The tutorial had the mouse click settings the wrong way round which confused me initially (the bottom left corner were correct). But had fun making this video, keep up the great work! 

I definitely enjoyed it, had plenty of variety in terms of progression and ways to survive the waves. I like the gambling aspect every few rounds too. Though didn't use the blacksmith much at all, (but I guess if I didn't gameble all my money away I could've used them lol). Would be good to see more environments as the game developments and some kinda backstory for the characters (but thats just me, I love a narrative haha). More animations and voicelines for the protagonist would be good too. I think the wave numbers were pretty good for the most part, as the levels went up, but some gold became inaccessible to collect if it fell out of the boundaries which was annoying.
Also music and audio work great! 

Couldn't find any bugs as such, just  few enemies swinging at the air after they're attacking a tower and its not there lol.

Keep up the great work!

I really liked the demo so far, need to go back and get all 8 notebooks but enjoying the added twists with new items like the grappling hook and the apples. I think taking out the actual maths questions makes sense due how familiar most fans are with the concept, its not necessarily needed at this point. I'm curious to see further randomly generated levels. Keep up the awesome work Micah!

This was great fun to play! I mean my birdhouse turned out pretty awful but the process was hilarious haha! I struggled to rotate objects I picked up which  made it more difficult though. And some random background music would be good too. Keep  it up as this is really fun!

I must play the rest of your games! They all have that particular style that I enjoy. This one was good fun, I'm guessing that lemonade button was also in the Confraternity of Toast 2 right? And its just a troll lol. I'll look at Bill's Hotel next! Keep up the great work :D

This messed with my head, loved the PS1 style graphics and creepy atmospheric audio! Keep up the great work!

Thanks again for sending me the key! The game has started off just as strange as the first, I'm really curious to discover the secrets and understand this game. Here's my chapter 1! My only gripe with the game is the fact that  you have to stand right up close to each toast to see what they're talking about. Other than that, its really good!

Super creepy game, you should expand on the ideas from this! Keep up the great work!

This game is freaking awesome! I don't play many rhythm games, I like Geometry Dash and Beat Sabre, but this is so good. The songs are nice and the art style is original and suits the gameplay amazingly. I had a lot of fun and will deffo be playing more created levels. 

Hey this looks so good! Design o f the puzzles and areas looks great and nice chill piano music helps to make me not rage when I get stuck haha. Maybe don't need so many balls to get to the end before the door opens, but thats just me lol. Keep up the awesome work!

Demo was awesome! I'm not a big rogue-like/dungeon crawler gamer (only Binding of Isaac). But this was really good, the art style (particularly with the bosses was really well done), same with the music. I wish I had followed the tutorial better when playing though haha. Looking forward to seeing the full game!

This was freaking adorable, its looks so cute and plays really well. I never knew I wanted a marshmallow simulator until I played it! Keep up the great work :D

This game was funny I'll admit, the characters and a different spin on the layout of the school is good dude. Controls feel a bit clunky when trying to get past desks in classrooms and stuff (is that done on purpose?) and the audio is spot on Baldi. Had no idea how/when to use the items either though. But I deffo had fun with it, keep up the good work dude!  

Hey dude, great fan game! Made me laugh so much, in particular Shadi's lines with Mokuba xD 
Keep up the great work!

Loved the game dude! So much detail and design in the visuals and a great soundtrack to go with it. Controls are  a bit clunky at times, when it comes to the driving, but overall had a blast with this! Looking forward to seeing more! Keep up the awesome work!

This game confused, scared and made me rage all in one, so well done! I was left wanting to know more about the confraternity and whats the real story with the protagonist. Great job dude, keep up the awesome work!!


Have to say, I loved this game and demo, its really well put together, great audio and game mechanics. I'm a massive Resident Evil and Silent Hill fan and this game really took me back to old school survival horror games. I can't wait to see the full game when its finished and I hope you like my video! :)

I thought the game was really well done and would love to see more. I would suggest adding more audio to it as I thought it was  a bit too muted at times. Looking forward to seeing updates if there is more to come! :)

I loved your game, its beautiful art style and soundtrack is gorgeous and works so well together. Would love to see more as its too short lol, keep up the awesome work guys! 

This game is so much fun, its the game I never knew I wanted to play, but I do as its hilarious! And  the map is so big, im gonna keep exploring this! Keep up the great work dude! :) 

Great look at whats to come, can't wait for the full version, keep up the great work and the awesome game that is Baldis Basics! This demo is fire!!!!

P.S Norton will try and destroy Baldi guys, talk about 4th wall breaks Baldi!

Hey, this was some nice fun and I don't play many physics based games but enjoyed it. The music was a nice tempo to go with when hunting for the keys. Its definitely got potential, would be good to see more depth through more of a story arch. But was good fun, keep up the good work :)