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I definitely enjoyed it, had plenty of variety in terms of progression and ways to survive the waves. I like the gambling aspect every few rounds too. Though didn't use the blacksmith much at all, (but I guess if I didn't gameble all my money away I could've used them lol). Would be good to see more environments as the game developments and some kinda backstory for the characters (but thats just me, I love a narrative haha). More animations and voicelines for the protagonist would be good too. I think the wave numbers were pretty good for the most part, as the levels went up, but some gold became inaccessible to collect if it fell out of the boundaries which was annoying.
Also music and audio work great! 

Couldn't find any bugs as such, just  few enemies swinging at the air after they're attacking a tower and its not there lol.

Keep up the great work!


I will add more environments to the game as soon as possible and definitely add more sound to the hero.
Thanks for the feedback!