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Thank you for your feedback. I will definitely keep this in mind!

You can try to listen to the beep sounds the turrets make to know whether they are still facing your direction or lost track and kept rotating away again:)

For the version you need to download SteamVR and you should be able to play it through Oculus Link.

Native Quest support might become a thing as well.

Try to press and hold the Shift key while launching the game. This should give you some additional options. Theres also a bug in this very outdated version that can cut off some UI on some resolutions. This has been fixed for the Steam version but the fix never made it into the version.

I hope this helps. Sorry about that.

Yes, absolutely! Cross-play across all supported platforms and input types. :)

Thank you! Online multiplayer is already being tested and will become a thing for sure. The asymetric multiplayer mode will however be removed for the Steam release. It was a lot of work to maintain and had many limitations. Online multiplayer is gonna be much better. :)

It was released before Receiver 2 was even announced. However Receiver 1 was a huge inspiration for sure :)

Thank you so much <3

Hello, what do you mean?

Hey, maybe try to manually visit the store page:

Thank you for your support! :-)

Theres gonna be ways to kill enemies without a gun for sure. A knife might also be a good idea :)

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Yes. The current Steam version (work in progress) already features two rifles, a shotgun, a smg and another pistol. More to come as well :) 

Let me know if you got some specific ideas for guns :)

You are definitely right about this. It has been much improved in the Steam version already. Thank you for your feedback and let me know if you got more feedback. Always keen to hear it! :)

Still working on it every day but focusing on the Steam version. So make sure to wishlist to stay in touch. :)

Thank you for your feedback. The Steam version will definitely address this and many other things. Make sure to add it to your wishlist to keep it on your radar :)

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Thank you for your feedback. I'm happy to tell you that theres definitely gonna be a full release. Hopefully some time this year. It will improve performance even further and add additional content and mechanics! :)

Make sure to wishlist on Steam to not miss it :)

At the moment the only way to play this game on the Oculus Quest is to stream the game from a PCVR capable computer (for instance using the Oculus Link cable).

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Are you playing in VR or using Mouse & Keyboard? 

Using mouse + Keyboard you first need to holster your gun. After that you can insert/remove cartridges. The default keys should be E and Z.

Using VR you can eject cartridges using the trigger and just move cartridges over the magazine to put them back in.

I hope this helps! :)

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Did you figure it out? Haven't heard of this bug so far.

Maybe consider joining the Discord for better support:

Okay thats probably an engine bug. Could you join the Discord and refer to this issue again? I want to share you something to try!

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Sorry for the late reply. Did you try to lower your graphics settings? It also might be an engine issue. It seems rare though. I will have to do some investigation.

You can use the cartridges to reload your magazines. You need to holster your weapon before you can do that though.

Thank you very much. I will definitely work on more enemies.

Cleaning and taking apart the gun sounds interesting. I will think about it. I also really like the idea of an enhanced stealth sytem.

By the way:

  • Enemies already feature different hitzones
  • Gun jams are implemented but only happen with a chance of 0.2% 

Thank you a buch. Really good ideas that I will try to take into account :)

Thank you for your honest opinion. Really appreciate. Do you have some ideas how to make it stand out more? What would you like to see getting added or changed? I put this very early build (that even in the current state took multiple months to create) out to make sure I get a lot of feedback so I go into the right direction with this project. Thats why I'm very curious what your vision is.

Looking forward for your reply. Thank you so much!

The game wouldn't be very exciting if you could take multiple hits and run through the levels carelessly. 

Thank you! 

For the Steam version I'm still working on adding some more weapons and content. Even though it is going to release into Early Access I still want to improve it a bit further. 

Thats why I got no release date yet but thats part of the reason why I created the Steam page to just wishlist it. Anyway what would be your expectations or even wishes for the Steam version? :)

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Thank you for your feedback. Makes me very happy that you already enjoy the game in the current state!

You aren't the first to mention that the game is too dark. I guess I haven't found the right balance for it yet and it most likely could indeed use some more lights. I also like your idea of making dropped items glow. And more guns are a no-brainer and definitely happening ;)

I haven't decided about the health yet though. However I definitely also want to have some more game modes to use the guns and mechanics in different settings as well.

I will definitely consider all feedback. Keep it coming and thank you!


Actually I always try to read all the comments and positive comments are always a huge motivation booster! Thank you for that!

Also makes me very happy that you noticed the ballistics in the game. I really tried to make them somewhat accurate and realistic. Theres also ricochets that can especially be dangerous in the container level.

I will absolutely continue to work on this game. Thats why I already got the Steam page up. Really would love to know what your vision is for the game? What would you like to get added or changed? I think more guns are a no-brainer. I suppose a Shooting Range would also allow to test all the weapons in a chill enviroment without any game goal. So that is also something I would like to do. Maybe you got some more ideas to make this a real game!

Are you playing with mouse and keyboard? In order to add/remove bullets you need to put your weapon into your inventory and you need to equip the magazine you wish to add or remove bullets from. Then the key for doing so is the same as inserting/ejecting magazines.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

Theres a damage model to the enemies and you can take them out with a single shot if you hit the right spots. Furthermore I think it's all about being patient and moving slowly while trying to be very aware and trying to move from cover to cover if possible. :)

Thank you very much! That was an awesome video to watch. Really appreciate it. Makes me so happy to see people enjoying it :)

Thank you for your feedback. Makes me very happy :) Maybe you want to join the Discord ( to help testing very new features. :)

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Thank you. Thats great feedback and really motivating!

I will look into the turret issue :)

I also got a lot of ideas for new weapons, enemies and mechanics :) Stay tuned! :)