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Not in the near future, at least. We have a lot of Steam features in the game (match-making, join through friends list, achievements, cloudsaves etc.) which we will have to re-implement in other ways if we want to release on other platforms.

Hi man! Thanks for your kind words! WC3 is one of our inspirations, no point to deny that - after all, it was a great game ;)

@UnholyDK Strange... Well the demo is old by now and we won't make any fixes anymore. But in just a few days we'll initiate multiplayer alpha tests on Steam. If you're interested, please join our discord and register :)

Thanks man! We'll do our very best to deliver an awesome RTS game! :)

Hello MrLowbob!
Thanks for your interest and kind words! The demo does contain quite a lot of bugs, and many things will improve. After all, this was a pre-alpha. In the end of the demo, a link to a survey is provided, which we would be very happy if you want to complete. Also, you are more than welcome to visit our Facebook page (and upcoming discord channel - we'll let you guys know) ;)

Thanks guys, really appreciate your kind words! Awesome to hear that there are people wanting some new RTSs in this world! ;)

Hello itchers!

My name is Accel and I'm co-founder of the Swedish indie studio Pathos Interactive, currently developing the medieval real-time strategy game Bannermen. The game takes place in a semi-fantasy medieval world that has been brutally damaged due to decades of war, starvation and natural disasters. Take on the role of a fallen lord on his journey back to become one of the mightiest in the realm. Make your banner strike fear into your opponents and challenge the multiplayer ladder in action packed skirmishes.

I've uploaded a small pre-alpha demo here. Would be awesome if you want to try it out and share your thoughts!

Here you can take a look at the trailer and hear us devs talk about Bannermen: