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im not sure whats causing this to be honest!! seems like its having trouble loading the next level of the game!

maybe i can try making another build of it with the updated engine and see if it helps anything.

I'll look into making a debug build of the game and maybe we can get it figured out! This is extremely strange but I'm curious as to what it is!

that's super weird! i'm honestly not sure what could be the cause since this is the first time i've heard that

are you running it on an older computer?

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Oops, meant to respond to this earlier!

I see what you mean I think. Now when making environmental puzzles, I do feel there's some importance to making the solution perhaps slightly ambiguous. Using world geometry to hint the solution but not make it obvious. But as with all things, there's a balance there, and some people are just going to happen to have a harder time with the puzzle because of how their game experience went. But yeah, people trying for hours to solve a puzzle the wrong way is also no bueno, so obviously striking that perfect balance is something worth working on. 

Just in case you never figured it out, you can see in this video how that particular puzzle was intended to be solved.

In the latest build, photo mode images save in your "My Pictures" directory! I probably should've mentioned that somewhere.

It is fully intended that unarmed attacks raise your attack multiplier far more than your spear attacks do, since they do less damage. This is meant as an encouragement to use both armed and unarmed attacks intermittently. 

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Haha, I'm glad you enjoyed the game and the final cutscene! 

I did play with the idea of an auto turn camera during parkour. And perhaps in the next iteration I'll explore that a bit more. Though, I did intend for camera control to be part of the challenge. Still, I'll see what feels more natural. I just know that if I do implement it, there's gonna be people that want an off button for it. So it's a tough juggle.

As for the first wallrun challenge, ahh I'm having some trouble visualizing what exactly was giving you a hard time with it, but -- this was technically my first stab at making a unique parkour puzzle out of the established game mechanics. There is definitely still plenty of work to be done at making Tikal best match the player's intentions, it does seem that some were left fighting the mechanics rather than working with them, so I still have more to experiment with and flesh out so Tikals actions better match what the player expects, for sure.

And perhaps I didn't explain it clearly enough in the game but -- the stun only works if you get three consecutive hits while your damage multiplier (the curved white/red bar) is maxed. And then you'll definitely know when an enemy is stunned, they go ragdoll.

I'll definitely take a look at that injured noises bug! Thanks for mentioning!

Thanks for playing my game and your valuable feedback, I'm taking in all I can!! 

You're welcome! Thanks for playing my game. I'm glad you enjoyed it. 

About 20% of the animations were from a motion capture library and the other 80%, were done by hand.  And yeah Tikal's voice actor totally rocked it.

And huh... I would say you and I have some different thoughts on working game mechanics but I appreciate all the two-cents nonetheless.

There are only 3 outfits for now. More in the next iteration.

And haha oh you found that huh? It's actually a running joke, the kid sticking out of the sand is the protagonist from my main game, Vacuulus. Frozen/petrified since I hadn't worked on his game in a few months.

Thanks again for all the kind words! This game was a 4 month labor of love while working a full time dayjob and I'm glad it could bring you some joy!

Just a heads up to say the game has now been updated with an option to change the Y axis! Thanks for waiting!

Oh I definitely have more plans for Tikal's parkour in the next iteration including those. I just eventually had to set a stopping point for this demo because it takes a long while to animate, code, and test that sorta thing. Every bit of gameplay/character movement code is done from scratch and requires its own dedicated chunk of time to perfect.

Same goes for the pause menu. Don't worry, in the next major iteration of this game, it'll have far more options and information. This one was more or less barebones and function-only.

Good to hear!

One is unlocked by finding a secret area. Another is unlocked by finding the six mysterious symbols.

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Hi there! As of the 1.3 release, the game has updated and now Discord rich integration has been completely removed! (it was a stupid idea in the first place, sorry about that)

The other issues you brought up like lack of pause button and the pickup prompt getting stuck have both also been fixed as well! Give it a try when you get a chance! Thanks!

That issue has now been fixed in the latest update! Just letting you know!

Hi there! Just wanted to let you know in this latest patch I did get to the bottom of all of these bugs and they should now all be fixed.  I also made changes to the dodge based on your suggestions. Thanks again!

The update is out! Thanks for being patient!

Actually I finally got a chance to open up the project again today. So I'm hoping to have the 1.3 update out sometime in the next few days!

Super weird. Thanks so much for the feedback!

I'll add an option for it in the next update!

Hi there! Thanks for the detailed feedback!

Okay, I'll definitely look into that pickup prompt issue. I am certain its another Unity input system bug that's causing that issue, but there are workarounds I can do in the game logic end to make sure that doesn't happen. Noted for a future update.

Hmm, yeah, this isn't the first time someone has said something to the effect of the controls half working which is just odd to me. It seems to be a computer to computer basis on that. It does make sense that the combat didn't exactly do it for you because the dodge is a very integral part of it. Because without the dodge you're a sitting duck, which is by design. I'll try to look into this but unfortunately, as this seems to a be a bug of Unity's input system itself, I'm not super sure where to start, but I'll look into it nonetheless. But just in case you simply couldn't find it, the binding for the dodge is left Ctrl, which you can only do while holding a direction. (though, that's something I could also fix in a later update, making the dodge work regardless.)

Key bindings are also in the pause menu which you get into with Escape, but if that doesn't work for you... then that is troubling. I guess in the mean time I'd recommend maybe trying to hook up a controller. PS4, Switch Pro, and Xbox controllers are all fully supported.

The Discord integration was a fun experiment but it seems to be causing nothing but issues for most so that will be removed in a future update.

Either way, thanks for playing and thanks for the constructive comment!

For what it actually is, the word demo may be somewhat misleading, but I couldn't think of a more fitting word. Perhaps "experience"?

Despite working a full time job, I spent nearly every waking moment of my free time working on this for 4 months straight, and legitimately tried my best to make it a fun, entertaining and memorable experience for everyone. I'd hope that would at least be worth $2. :)

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Hey sometimes you need a neat looking robot model stat and Unity delivers!! It's pretty much the only model in the game that I didn't make or have my prop modeler make. I did change his proportions and completely re-rig him from scratch though! XD

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Haha so it has Discord rich integration in it! But it shouldn't do anything if you don't have discord open, much less launch it... I'll have to run it on my end with the itch launcher and see if I can recreate it as well as the UI bug, never seen either of these bugs!

Also there is indeed a pause menu mapped to the start button. I think the input system may have issues with your controller? Which are you using and how is it plugged into your computer? USB or Bluetooth?

Hope you enjoyed despite these issues though!

I super appreciate the detailed feedback and am definitely absorbing it all, thanks a ton and I'm stoked you enjoyed it!

I'm really stoked you liked it!! Thanks so much!!

I'm so happy you enjoyed! Thanks so much!

Thank you! Definitely will take the input feedback in consideration for next time!

Thank you so much! :>

Thank you dude!! :>

Thank you!!

thank you so much!

Valid point! This will stay a demo. The full game in general will be an episodic "released in chunks" experience. That would likely all have their own entries and individual prices on here. However, there are plans for this demo to receive another update or two down the line that gives it more gameplay.

But yeah, you're right, the page could probably use a bit more info.  I'll look into that.

Not yet I'm afraid!

I don't have an option for that implemented yet! But if others share the same question I'll add one in the next patch.

thank you so much!! happy you liked it!

Good and detailed feedback! Thanks!

Hmmmm the bug feedback is a bit troubling... this was on the latest version? 1.3?

OH wow! I mean it's still a death sentence but you successfully found a god-spot. I had no idea that was there! Haha, awesome find man. (Enjoyed your playthrough too btw!! And thanks for all the kind words!!!)

Thank you!! <3

The file must be opened and extracted with a zip program. WinRAR is my fave for that. Google it. ;)

Thank you sir! Happy you liked it! Thank you for playing!

Thank you dude! Happy you enjoyed it!! <3

LOL the first 30 seconds were amazing. And yes, yes he can.

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Haha who would've thought??

Thanks so much for playing man, glad you liked it. Watched your playthrough in full and it was entertaining. You sure figured out the mechanics fast as well, so kudos!


Looking forward to watching you play hard mode if you do! 😉😏 (But just FYI the ending is the same so don't get too let down! lol)