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Thank you for taking the time to play the game, It's a shame that the game crashed like that haha first time I see it happening to anyone. Also you have to use the inventory to use the items hehe.  I really enjoyed the video!

Don't know who Sev is... well that's too bad he didn't like it I guess.

Hello there! I really enjoyed the video and was laughing out loud at some of your commentaries. I appreciate the criticism and thank you for taking the time to play the game .

Hey thank you for the video! I now made sure to add that info to the description, I  think I assumed most people would do that instinctively hehe

It's a short game about finding a way to escape the house, don't stay on one spot too long or the killer will get you, btw you can skip the opening intro by pressing ESC. cheers!

Hey! Really appreciate you taking the time to write about your experience with the game, so let me address the issues you mentioned. I agree with you regarding the signposting of frame exits, a clear visual indicator would come a long way helping people navigate the house, however the pixel hunt aspect of finding the useful items was by choice since that was the way most FMV games the game is paying homage to were, Also is a very very short game and as you said, meant to be replayed until you get a perfect run. 

I tried to balance the time you get until the killer finds you to keep you on your toes but you still have time to perform the actions you require, most point and click games have a leisure pace and this is not the case, sorry if you felt annoyed by dying, do you think the timer should be longer? if that's the case how long without losing the frenetic aspect?

Regarding skipping forward well, the game is so short that it would barely be a game if you could skip all the FMVs, since basically that's what the game is, I don't want to break the suspension of disbelief if you can skip skip skip everything, it's supposed to be a real person moving around a house if you get what I'm saying hehe.

You are right on point with the internal monologues serving as feedback for the player, I'm taking note on that one! totally missed those !

Again thank you for the feedback! truly appreciated!

Really fun video!, thank you for showing the game! 

Hey! Thank you! We will surely consider expanding on the project if enough people is interested. Really enjoyed your video!

Wow!! thank you so much for showing the game out there! I'm glad you enjoy it. A little hint, If you take too much time on one room the killer will find you, you have to keep moving!

Hey no spoilers! hehe

Nice! let me know what you think