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Hi everyone !

You applied for a job and today is the day. What could go wrong ?
Try The Employee today and get 10% off !

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Champagne (or coffee) !!! :) 

It's actually 300 ! :P

Thanks a lot !

Thank you for your feedback. I actually joined the jam a bit late and was able to work on the project something like 20 hours. I first tried to focus on the themes, more than the gameplay. You are right again, it's more like a journey, or something "philosophical". I am actually really excited about continuing the development and the story of life...

Thank you !

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Thanks for your nice comment! I'll keep working on the game for sure!

Life. From the cradle to the grave.

Life was created by Piotr Dejong for the 101 Hours Game Jam.

Thank you very much for the video ! Maybe there will be more, it depends on feedbacks.

Ahahah thanks a lot for this ! :)

Dallas, Texas, November 22, 1963. President John F. Kennedy was shot in the head. Everyone thought that is was over. But the truth is different... PLAY HERE.

Created for the Holistic3D Lockdown Game jam.

Thanks a lot !

What a great review, thank you ! I had much fun doing this game, I wish I had more time but that's the rule ! It was actually my very first jam, but not the last :)

Thanks :)

Thank you :)