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amazing! I adore this game. Are the changes live on the Steam version also?

Oh ok, I didn't realize there were two separate games! Very cool!

Is it just me or is the game completely different via the App Store?

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can I ask how we retrieve the Steam Key if we purchased early on Itch?

This is really cool! I've been a huge fan of TotM and can hardly ever find similar games to it. Do you plan to build out a full game from this?

looks great! Is there still going to be a full digital version? 

You really are doing God's work. This looks so good already!

Woohoo! Awesome job on this 

This looks so great! Any estimate on when it will come to Steam? I went ahead and gave it a wishlist to help out! I'd love to play it on the Steam Deck

p8 cartridge would be great or availability on the Lexaloffle BBS to play via Splore! 

Amazing! Any chance a ROM version will ever be available?

Really cool! Will the ROM be available?

This is awesome news! Def gonna purchase early access to help you out! <3


Love the look of this! Is the .p8 file included if I purchase? I’d love to play it on my retro handheld

thank you!!

This looks so good! Is there a demo by chance?

gamepad support!

okay, I must know more about this Pico-8 machine!

Hello! I'm wondering if the .p8.png file for this is available somewhere? I didn't see it on Lexaloffle but I'd love to add it to my retro handheld to play!

excited to try it!

so so excited for this! And for you! 👏👏👏

Seems to have something to do with when you switch floors, there's a tiny delay before you can use the lantern.

I love it! My only qualm is there seems to be an input delay when activating the lantern. Not sure if it's intentional to act as a cooldown or maybe my gamepad is having issues.


yeah, I’d love to try it out!

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Awesome game! Very impressed with it!

Holy crap, this is exceptional! You could easily release this as a full game eventually and charge money for it. (it's already worth some money) - great work!

Can’t wait to try this one out!!

oh, awesome! Luckily I am a Patron! 😁 Thanks for letting me know!

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Any chance of gamepad support? I love the game overall!

Lovely little game! Well done! 

Oh! Yeah, I bet not having Steam open was the issue. I must have missed the full screen option.

Damn, this game is GREAT! Are there plans to make it a full release?

REALLY love it but can't get it to go full screen and it doesn't seem to have gamepad support? Or maybe my gamepad just isn't cooperating with it. If those two things can be addressed, I would be playing this constantly! Great work

Super game! Controller support would be rad!

Great freaking game! Very enjoyable

Really loving how this plays so far. Satisfying combat and great incentives to keep trying more runs. Can't wait for the full release!

Also, I made a little video: 

Such a rad game - keep it up!

Really great game! Any chance of gamepad support?