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We're very happy you liked the game :D

Yes, the level generation process is random (with a few exceptions to avoid making unplayable levels). We chose the random path because it was faster to implement in a jam timespan and because it worked well with the daily challenge game mode which is based on a seed that's day-dependant ( clockwork wildcard).

The second chance had to be included because the theme is second chance but its implementation and how it fits with the rest of the gameplay feels indeed rushed.

For the stations bonus, we didn't have enough time to properly test the scoring system so you might be right :) (although it might be due to the bonus not being included in the score animation but is calculated in the total score).

We will update the game with more features and game modes soon. Stay tuned!

But you can click the ? button top-right corner when playing a game :) It will lead you to the rules wiki.

thank you :)

hey there :) I'm happy you liked it !

Hey ! Thanks for playing the game and for your comment! I'm happy you liked it :) I'll be making more levels soon so stay tuned :)

Cool game :)  I like the combination ! I found it a bit too hard for me though. Also, maybe you could rotate the player to face his movement direction (for up and down ) 

hi :) thank you for playing the game and for your comment ! I didn't write the number of cards just to keep the game a bit more challenging. You have to find out the correct combination yourself .