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this project went on the back burner but i had a huge update planned that would give what you wanted. sorry for the huge delay but i promise to get it out eventually.

when i was sent the third cutscene’s video (those cutscenes are videos that i just put in the game), i hadn’t seen much of the script and was laughing so much at it. all the art and comedy was from timmy. thanks for the amazing comments for our game, and i’m so happy you had so much fun with it.

ps: the ending bit was cut off because the last bit was really buggy and we wanted people to still win. i’ll maybe consider doing a post jam bug fixup where this and some other issues get ironed out.

the motion blur + framedrops make this a bit hard for me to play on my pc, but interesting concept. i feel like the gameplay would be easier to get a hold of if it was a third person view, because you put your face to the wall and it sticks there.

just between you and me i forgot to take out the developer tool that lets you right click the main menu and it takes you to the final level. but you miss out on some great dialogue.

thanks! the view aspect of it created an interesting workflow where i (the code man) would just make ui that goes on top of a video (all the cutscenes+levels are rendered in after effects by timmy, the non code man), that let us do a lot of the work at the same time while not getting in each other’s hair.

i adore the art style here. great job

the art on this game is really nice



i really like this game, couldn't get to the top.