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Explore the north and you'll eventually fight him again. Strongest enemy in the north area.

Fresh account? I agree. It's painfully slow killing slimes until you can handle The Bind for the cock ring buff and Torgar for Sigil of Growth.

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Edited for v0.8.3:

Save before usurping the cult. No companions, usurp Apothus' cult and win both stage 1 and stage 2 boss fights, consume Apothus then merge with Nyx.

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On a fresh character, I can only recommend adding points into Prowess until at least level 5. Get the endowed perk early and the cock ring from The Bind for other stats.

Edit: The growth potion too.

The enemy timeline being frozen issue was fixed on the 0.8.1 patreon version. You can publicly find the patch notes from the creator's website.

From v0.8.1 patch notes,

  • Bugfixes:
  • Fixed issues related to some fight moves locking the timeline of opponents.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not use the inspect window on your teammate.
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Here are my thoughts for the new combat system as someone with all achievements.

New Game+: Very easy. An even easier late game with how sigils and buffs stack with the new combat system. Any builds work at this point.

New Account

1. PURE:

Painfully difficult to start. The only enemy you can beat, as pure, is the slime and that's if you don't change the size of the slime. You're forced to add points into Prowess until level 5 before tackling Torgar and The Bind, eventually to level 15 with hyper endowed and tank (or berserking). You'll also want the level 10 cock ring buff or spam the Sigil of Growth infinite stack exploit thanks to the new timeline combat system. For limit breaks, you respectively get 7 cock size, 6 ball size or 5 muscles, and 6~7 height for last.


 As corrupt, most things don't matter. You still need Prowess, but you eventually get OP corruption skills for damage. Combined with Sigil of Growth, you get all the size and stat growth you need. Echo is optional and muddles your skill list, to be honest.

It's from the werewolf prisoner. Free him then explore the north.

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Muscles stat disappears at tier 5. The stat reappears for tier 6. Played on browser.

If you asked Ixalan for help, he takes one key.

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Below is some data you may find helpful. Excludes time spent walking.

Edit: For those lost in your playthrough. See #5 Speedrun down below.

#1 Casual Exploration: Clockwise. Follows narration.

Total searches: At least 15, closer to 23.

#2 Casual Exploration: Counterclockwise. Follows narration.

Total searches: At least 15, closer to 20.

#3 Helpers:

Total searches: At least 15, closer to 20.

#4 All keys on me:

Total searches: At least 15, closer to 23.

#5 Speedrun: All 4 sex scenes, 6 skills, 3 key parts, no detours.

Total searches: 11

  1. Brewery (leave), Pantry, Servants' Quarters (pants), Latrine
  2. Kennel, Barracks (all options), Kennel again, Pantry again
  3. Masters' Chambers
  4. Library, Lounge (mandatory), Study

It seems you can have each search take up roughly 3 minutes of the clock. Some areas fewer, some areas more. Similarly for scenarios. A casual run can fail this way. Best of luck, orangelo. Hope this helps ya.

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There's a reddit post for a proactive renpy timer with sample code. If a clock timer proves too difficult, then maybe have a decreasing counter for a limited number of exploration. Either way, 60 minutes may not be enough time to casually walk around given many narration states "several minutes" or "an unknown amount of time" in some form.

Reddit Renpy Timer