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Short and sweet but so polished. Would love to see a longer game like this!

This is great, really nicely done!

This is very good indeed!

Another amazing generator, this one is so playful and atmospheric. I'd love to write a little proc-gen biography generator for the ghosts...

Moving and lovely.

Thanks so much for playing!

Thanks! We really appreciate you playing and sorry you had to die so much! :

Thanks very much! We had a lot of fun making it. :)

Loved it. Really fun idea and great use of old footage.


My 7yo son assured me there was an S&D mod available for NT and I refused to believe him. Yet here I am! Thank you for making such a fun and polished mod. :)

This is a truly lovely little game with a gently surreal fairytale vibe. The art is very charming and the writing is restrained with flashes of real poetry ("North, South, above a mountain or under the sea"). I really enjoyed playing - thanks!

Great idea! I haven't seen hanzi used like this in a game before but it works really well. Lovely, polished execution too.

The moral of my story was that if you're an annoying thug who sneaks out to eat all the food (looking at you, Billy), you'll probably stay alive when everyone else gets eaten by lions or vanishes into pits! :D

I love every one of your generators/simulators, keep up the excellent work!

Fantastic! Have just played the first one and then this. Genuinely freaked me out. I will not be taking any nature trails for a good while. :D

Thanks! Really appreciate you taking the time to play and give such encouraging feedback.


Thanks for playing!

Thank you! Thrilled you enjoyed it. :)

Thanks! Sweet and morbid was exactly what I was going for!

Was intrigued by the mix of narrative and environment. Would have liked to have see where this was going. :)

That was a really neat little game! I shot my wife at the end but I'm guessing I could have spared her if I'd chosen the other option? I'd love to see something longer in this style.

It took a bit of work to figure this one out and I got stuck fairly near the start. I think a little hand-holding would have gone a long way! That said, I did like the graphics and the general mood. There's definitely the potential for a really neat puzzle game here!

Beautiful art work and a great mood all round, a nice combination of music, art and gameplay. Very polished. It's also fun to play, juggling so many different things at once almost like a simplistic, twitchy Papers, Please! I especially enjoyed kicking out customers without masks. :) My biggest request would be for the difficulty to either ramp up much more obviously or for there to be some kind of end-game state. It took me a while to realise there wasn't, otherwise I might still be playing now!

I did, but I couldn't quite get out the exit in time!

Thank you! Truly appreciated. :)

Excellent concept and the execution also felt very polished. The gameplay itself was really fun in a twitchy sort of way but I wish it had ramped up just a little slower - it seemed to spike very quickly after about 20 points and I couldn't keep up for long after that. Mind you, that may say more about my own ability than anything else!

Lovely simple style and mood and some really well-planned puzzles. It took me a while to figure some of them out, and I didn't quite finish, but I'm going to come back and try again later. There were a few places where (I think) you could be forced to quit because you'd jumped or thrown the can into an inaccesible spot, which was a bit frustrating, but it was short enough that it wasn't much of a hardship to start again. Nice work!

My record: 38.99578 seconds! I'm not sure if that's anything to boast about or not... It did take me a few tries to get there, and I encountered the problem you mentioned, of some items not being available, a couple of times. It was fun, though, and the whole thing, gameplay and graphics, felt very smooth.

Good stuff! The bluegrass gave it a nice hillbilly vibe and the art style worked well. It was fun to figure out what to do and I shimmied out down the sheets on about my third try. I would have like to have taken them on the run for a bit longer, maybe with some dogs in pursuit!

Really neat game, the difficulty of the waves was pitched just right and it kept me coming back for a good number of tries to see if I could beat my last score. The art is really nice too, especially the flying sprites. The only small change I'd make would be to darken the rest of the map, maybe even completely, to make it clearer where the limits of your lantern are. Having it green with details visible kind of tricked my brain into thinking I should be able to see things in areas where I couldn't. That's a small point though - the lantern mechanic still worked really well and made for some nicely twitchy gameplay!

Why did you have to give them names?! It made it so much worse every time I killed them! :D This was a really fun experience, deeply frustrating but in the good way... I thought the music and art worked really well together to create a deceptively chill mood, and the frantic gameplay was great. I was terrible at it but I enjoyed it a lot!

My poor family... I was terrible at this but I had a lot of fun anyway! It's a great concept and although the controls can be a bit frustrating at times, that was part of the enjoyment for me.

A fun and creative mechanic and the difficulty ramps up nicely! Cute artwork too, well done!

Thank you! Thrilled it had the effect I'd hoped for. :)

Thanks for playing! Sorry about the bugs - you're not the only one to have found those, I've now squashed them!

This is beautiful, paced just right with the audio coming in exactly when it needed to. I enjoyed it hugely.

Fantastic atmosphere, a really lovely little puzzle-box with clever mechanics. Unfortunately, I ran across the following error before I could complete it:

Lovely mood and smooth integration of sound and visuals with the story. I look forward to seeing how it develops!

This was a really great experience. I was kind of sceptical at first but I made myself write as honestly as I could, thinking I probably wouldn't do a whole page, and then the interruptions had the unexpected effect of encouraging me to finish, as if I were having a dialogue with them. It was thought-provoking and useful. Thanks!

Here's what I ended up with: