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Thanks Jim - I knew it must be something simple I'd overlooked!

I'm almost certainly missing something obvious here since I clearly remember finding out how to do this once before, but I can't seem to get the tooltip text to display custom text.

What I want to be able to do is arrange it so that dragging the interaction word 'take' over the word 'time' should make the tooltip display 'take your time' instead of the default 'take time'.

Very grateful to anyone who can help me out!

Very nice, loved the presentation and the simple but effective stat management.

Lovely idea. Kind of soothing and inspiring at the same time - could almost be used to give writing prompts. I watched it for way longer than I'd intended to...

Great idea - simple but really fun to watch. It would also act as a sort of visual representation of how long you've been AFK which is cool. :)

Excellent work. I have a very busy executive lifestyle and I've been meaning to find the time to source one of these for a while. It looks gorgeous on the 72" HD screen in my rumpus room and really ensures that I don't waste that precious minute of transition time as I fall asleep. Also made me dream of pandas which was nice.

Really gorgeous and soothing, looks great spreading across two monitors.

The best screensavers are oddly hypnotic and this is oddly hypnotic! I could go into a nice little trance watching this. :)

Ha! That was the most enjoyable thing I've played in a while. Perfect audio and artwork. The story itself was brilliantly paced - a great piece of comic timing. Thanks!

The artwork is beautiful and the story is gentle and nicely written. Are you planning on expanding it?

Thanks for an enjoyable tale!

I liked this. It was a nice, bleak, deftly-told piece of work, really quite moving at the end. The game structure also worked very well to give just the right pace to the story. Good stuff!

I love the style and atmosphere of this. Really great use of light and camera angles. It seemed a shame that so many objects could be lit up by the cursor but not interacted with and I just hope that's a sign that you're planning on expanding the game. I'd love to see it fleshed out - it's a brilliant premise!

This doesn't seem to work for me - I get the streetview but can only pan the camera around. I don't get any text boxes pop up as I've noticed they should do in the youtube vid below. I'm on PC using Firefox currently, if that's any help.

Anyway, looks really interesting - hope I get to play it soon. I'll try from another computer later.

Nice mood and concept. This is an idea which could be taken further to good effect - I loved the way the 'story' was doled out in little snippets while the fishing itself was a nicely relaxing activity. It worked and I'd love to see it expanded.

Great, immersive storytelling. The characters in particular are beautifully observed and sketched - I found myself really caring about what happened to them. The writing style is sparse and lovely with flashes of real poetry. The interactivity and little tricks of presentation (like the gender symbols) worked nicely too - they really added to the effect.

Loved it! Thanks for the read.

Ah, what a shame this finished just as I was getting really interested in the storyline! It's deftly told with some intriguing characters and the good sense not to spell everything out for the player at the start but rather to let them discover gradually for themselves. The immersion benefits greatly as a result.

The music and visuals also suited the mood of the story very nicely. I guess I would have liked a few changes of expression to bring the characters to life but I'm sure you have that planned for the full version.

Thanks for an enjoyable 10 minutes. I'll keep an eye out for the full game!

What a beautiful, intimate little game. I t really drew me in and I found myself acting as a sort of counselor, trying to make the choices I thought you 'should' have made. Less effective storytelling would have had me reaching for the extreme options just to see what happened but I felt too involved for that.

Glad it all worked out for you at the end. I did save the truth for last, by the way. :)

Loved it. The music and visuals are perfect and the story has real emotional heft. Genuinely moving, all the better for its stark simplicity. I guess I would have liked the spinning effect to play more of a part in the levels, perhaps changing the orientation of the character, but that's not really a criticism - just me musing on ways the concept could be taken further. Certainly I think you were right to keep the levels short and sweet since they are there mostly to frame the story.

Anyway, it left a real impression. Thanks!

Great concept! This could be expanded into a fantastic full game.