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Hi! What version of Windows 10 are you running? If it’s an older version it might not have the required webview features to run the game.

In any case I’d recommend trying the web build instead!

This is now fixed on the web version (Windows version soon) - thanks for letting me know about it.

Hm, that’s odd - I’ll check that one out. Thanks for the heads up!

Hello! Sorry, looks like I missed this until this reply. You can change the text speed from the settings - there's a few different options, and the game's by-default on the 2nd slowest.

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Hey, thanks for playing!

I've fixed the bug, was the result of a minor typo I missed (oops). Thank you for the heads up!

I discovered the bug really late into development, which is why I added the reset button (didn't have time for a proper fix unfortunately)

Double jump is unlocked in World 2 so I'd be shocked if you had discovered it before that, ha

Don't worry about donations! I'm really happy you enjoyed the game. I hope all goes well for you in the future, too!

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Thank you! I'm glad the game meant that much to you! And yeah, the epilogue I'm working on will definitely have a lighter tone.

Yeah, there's only one ending. Multiple routes to get there, but it all converges at the end.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the kind words!!

Thank you so much!

Hey everyone! I just pushed a new update to the game, which adds subtitles and more. I posted about it here!

Aw thank you!

Hi everyone!

I just released my short narrative game about a transgender teenager on itch. It's about 20 minutes long, and playable in browser; check it out if you'd like!

Link here:

Haha I love this!

Egg Blasters has just been released on! It's a fast paced multiplayer shooter where each player only gets 11 bullets, and one direction to shoot them in; with wacky game modifiers and trickshots to master. 

aaa this is so great!! i love it so much!! and thank you for letting me contribute!!

I love this! The dialogue when you first get outside gave me a chuckle, and the ending was so nice as well

very very very great!!

this is incredible