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planning to update this link? Don't you know?

Minotaur Hotel community · Created a new topic Walkthrough
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When will Walkthrough be? A lot of time has passed since the release of version 5.

Are you planning to do 14 days? Parker is my favorite :D

There is a Russian song:

In English it sounds like this:
That place, Where is my home.
Maybe someone will like it. ^^
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Can you answer the question, please? Do any actions taken during the distribution of tasks have a strong impact on the development of relationships with the characters?

Yes, I understand. I  hold this opinion too.
I'll be waiting:D

Thank you for the update!

I have a question. When will there be a walkthrough on the Wiki?


Thank you for the amazing story. I have always been interested in ancient Greek mythology. And visiting the Minotaur Labyrinth in Crete was my most interesting experience.

May I ask? Will the love story continue?

Good afternoon! Can I ask you something? Perhaps I misunderstood the last words before the end of the game. There will be more chapters dedicated to Charles and John. Will there be the same scenes as in the chapter with Mike? Because I chose Mike. And if I'm going to kiss John somewhere, then it's already cheating on Mike.

I also want to thank the author of this novel from the bottom of my heart. I really liked it. I like the theme of space. And I like to study the influence of science on a person, on feelings and emotions, on the work of the brain and on memory(although my profession is a firefighter). The theory of how quantum entanglement affects the senses is very interesting. This interested me, so I will study this issue in the near future.

Works like this novel give me the motivation to finally learn how to draw and create something like this. And I will do it! I will create something that is not worse than many short stories. Thank you again and good luck in the development of this project!

By the way, Mike is a charming cutie<3

You mean the second heart?
I think this has not been implemented yet. But I don't know about the fair. Maybe it's possible there.

Thank you a lot ^_^
Ste is so cute (* ^ ω ^)

You need to talk with Othra.  It will open the way in Temple.

Hello. I understand that can't go further than the wastelands?
And how can I get the "Country Road" event?