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I didn't realize one of the tags was horror. I fed it a finger and thought it was a pig in a blanket or something and then I'm like waaaaaiiiiit. Then it did weird stuff and cracked open and I'm over here just "da fuuuucc." then i saw the tags haha


I'm surprised I got a reply that fast, thank you.

Can someone translate this page for me? I don't speak Spanish.

Alla these guys against midget with gun.

How did you make this?

October 18th.. that my bday

I know where the impossible knifehead's nicotine is, but I can't get it from under the covers, help

So sweet. I haven't lost a favorite pet yet, but this'll hit different when I do.

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If I were a crier this would've torn me up. Reminds me of a few things that happened in my life. But I did get the "it seems you've seen it all" end, after about 4 tries.

Dark but fun. I feel bad for Maddi and the lady with the daughter, though.

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Homophobic scumbags like you have their own place in hell.

Make it savable, I lost a ton of progress.

Apparently I'm the type of person who would choose: "There isn't an acronym long enough to describe your true personality. Which makes you a 'Z'. " on a personality test. And I'm supposed to have a nice day.

That was cute and I agree with you.

Thanks, that didn't help at all.

Thank you, I appreciate it. Not entirely sure what the emoji means in this context, but a 😈 to you too.

Is it fine if I get this to use for a mini-movie type thing I'm making? I only show mine to my family and friends, I don't post them anywhere.

I was thinking the same thing, would be super cool if there was a windows version. And for the others, y'know, mac linux etc.

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True. I know, lousy answer that I probably shouldn't've even bothered writing. By the way, that was a fast response, you really pay attention to these comments.

I don't mean to nit-pick or whatever, because this does look like it'll be a good game (Haven't played yet), but Medusa was just a name, not the name of the species, which is gorgon.

wtf? I asked if you were sure, not whatever question you would answer with that.

Does this game have an ending or are you going to make one, or is it just never-ending?

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What does among us have to do with this?


Couldya make a downloadable version for PC???


I accidentally reset the page and lost my progress

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The game called one girl grabbing another girls face and yanking it into her own a consensual hug. . .


Tank u

I haven't zined the zine yet (ignore how stupid that sounded) but this page looks incredible, Literally, a huge part of why I follow you is because you are an incredible programmer. (The other reasons are bc I like your humor and the stuff u make)

I'll do a follow-up after I actually play this.

Beautiful. Did you pick the picture or take it at the angle or whatever so it would look like the possum was in the trashcan?

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Made an activist wombat, a goth possum, and a koala that loves orange.

Looks fun! Although I'll be waiting for the full game's release

I was wondering the same thing. Sorry that this is a trash answer that in no way is actually helpful.. but at least you can feel like you're not the only one!