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As a resident in a seaside town I can confirm the accuracy of this RPG

Was this inspired by Wuthering Heist?

Ah, I see. Well thank you any way. I've certainly got my moneys' worth out of this game :)

Finally picked up the full version and I'm having a lot of fun (Kate's deck is very tricky to beat with tickles or mating press!)

Is there a way to check which endings I've got with each character? Or do I have to remember?

Fantastic. Thanks. I'll download again :)

Just installed and my security software flagged up "..Magisit 1.12 WIN\js\plugins\VisuMZ_1_SaveCore.js" as a Trojan Mal Script

This is adorable. Although the epilogue mad me a little sad.

Also the people that run the traditional all-girls boarding school are poopy-heads! Grrr!

2 Fast 2 Fabulous is one of the most evocative setting ideas Ive read in a long time

This came recommended by Christine "Ladykiller in a Bind" Love <3

And off I go to buy this on Steam. Excellent game. Really scratches the grind/reward itch

Amusing, and pleasing. Nice use of the limited assets

*goes on a spending spree*

One of the characters mentioned saving some money because of the load repayments. Has this been implemented in game? Will I get a bill at some point? Or is there a figure that I need to repay somehow by a certain date?

This game is a true labour of love. I love how much is packed into it both lewd-wise (it's made me appreciate some kinks I'm not normally into!), story-wise (I was genuinely moved when one of the bosses offered the main character a cup of tea and some time to process before their battle), and character-wise (the interactions with Katie are wonderful and I look forward to more as the game progresses).
PS: Dominant Katie is my favourite of all the NPCs <3

That fixed it. Thank you!

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Is there a scene to trigger with the three women in the bar beyond them commenting on your clothes? I've tried a number of outfits but they always find an excuse (and often they'll complain I'm wearing pants when I'm actually in a skirt, or that I'm in swimwear when I'm not wearing any underwear!)

Don't corrupt Vick and you don't have to fight ;)

There's nothing quite as funny as Max getting fully corrupted with Vick on the screen cheering Max on XD

I think there might be a bug with Nipple Rings. After playing them in a  match, in all future matches the Slave Collar is doing the extra Lust Point whether the rings have been played or not

Can the basement rooms with the code locks be opened yet? Or is that something for a future update?

You're right. I got them confused. Sorry

I got warning that my deck contained illegal cards (and also that I had more than four Thundershocks and Life Orbs), but it still let me play.

I'd love to see some consequences for losing, or for Kate to be able to play some lewd cards in return, but from your other comments that doesn't sound like it would be possible with how the AI works :(

This is pretty nifty. I've managed to get a lewd ending through maxing out lust, Mating Press, and Tickle. Though that last one was very tricky and required stacking the deck with Thundershocks and Lost Grimoires!

Couple of glitches I've noticed. If you play with a lewd deck in the game shop and win by maxing out the lust bar orgasming Kate appears at the end, but stays on screen even after the duel! And related to that, you can have three decks, but despite selecting deck two I still duelled with deck one (I hadn't intended to face Healing Girl with my lewd deck!)

Not sure what the cause is, but I'm occasionally getting locked into  the crouch. I can't get Max to stand again, slides do not move Max forwards, and after each corruption, he returns to crouching :( Only refreshing the game fixes it

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OK, I'm genuinely impressed. I wasn't expecting to get more than "haha, nerd gets feminised and railed by orcs, lol" from the title, but you've made me care about all these characters, laugh, get aroused, and really get invested in the unfolding story. 
Plus now I have to replay it for Panki's story, and Lel, and maybe even Wejit. I don't know what decisions are major, and what are just cosmetic, it feels like all my choices matter <3

Oh ho! That has given me a few ideas to try, thank you <3

I had a lot of fun with this. You've made some interesting characters and I can't wait to see what the maid and the shepherdess have to offer in future versions.

I'm now trying to secure the achievements I haven't got yet. Any hints for the three-way or the devil costume? ;)

On Day 4 I visited Patricia by the pool and asked for a custom nickname. When I submitted it, the main character introduced himself with the text from the first day, and Angelica came round to visit and introduce herself!

I don't understand how combat is supposed to work. Enemies attack as you are getting into range. And there's no visual cue to how healthy you are

3 or 4 firefighters is the sweet spot. Less than that and you're spread too thin. More than that and (as you say) the fire spreads too fast

If you haven't given up for good here's some more advice
- don't finish a turn standing next to fire. It can flare up and KO your firefighter
- put out smoke where you can. It takes less AP than fire, and if fire appears next to it, all adjacent smoke will turn to fire!
- close doors to stop the spread of fire
- move victims to safe spots to be collected by paramedics/rescue specialists, rather than tying up a firefighter for the whole rescue

Clever little one-page game with a large list of debate topics and philosophical positions for ants :)

Absolutely lovely! Enjoyed this from start to finish. And the epilogue story was a very nice touch