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I have some ideas to sum up : 

first, transporting ingots from the foundry to the "BBQ" make the process a bit slowy to me, would it be a good idea to add like a conveyor type stuff that would convey ingots from the foundry directly on the BBQ, it could also be built using some materials, it is up to you to decide :) do you think it would kinda ruin this part of the game spirit ?

secondly : would it be possible to add a menu which would inform the customer of the type of metal you treat by ticking or unticking options referring to each metal : for example if you don't want to work with copper, you untick the copper option so that customers will not ask for coppered stuff anymore, it would be useful when customers start asking another metal and not the one you were currently working with so you can sell your first metal wares, then you would not have to incenerate the wares or be overstocked of it
Currently, my customers just started asking for tined wares and I do not know if they are going to ask for coppered ones again, hence my question.

English is not my mother tongue, so I hope I made myself clear, do not hesitate to ask if I have not been accurate enough. Still, keep the good work ;) !

Hello Dasius, I just watched jacksepticeye's video about your game. It's looks very funny to play and I really want to play it. So I was just wondering some things about the game : what about crafting gear with differents metals (silver, copper, gold...) and what about crafting magic gear ?