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Thanks for trying out our game, I am glad you enjoyed :)

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Thanks for your review and suggestion, I am happy you liked it :)

Great game, I like when I stop to think where to go, that I just forget the controls. Also I like aspect of collecting, I think I am too greedy. I think it fits the theme very well.

If you can, check out our game

Great concept, only managed to reach 10 points, it gets very hard very soon.

Great game, it was really fun to play due great narration and story. Also there was great puzzles to solve.

Very great game. I very enjoy games when they integrate more difficult mechanics little by a little. Game art and music is very nice and its fun to play.

The name of game very appropriate for game. Game has great art design and is fun to play.

Great game, with audio effects and graphics. Needs little polish on UI. Overall a great game.