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hiya i played the game and i gotta say great job on the game my friend. it really had that PS1 feel.  tho the story definitely needed some work but overall it was a good game. keep it up :D i made a play through if anyone wants to check it out!


hiya so i played your game and had a blast playing it. to start off i think what really got me was the silence of the house as we enter it and we were left in, the now and then loud thunder sounds really helped the environment get spookier. i felt like something was gonna pop up at any moment. the transition to the "dream" world (if its okay to call it that) was expected but still had that unsettling feeling i got as i entered the house the first time. as i looked at the dream world environment i felt like i was going to deal with some spooky stuff but there was but a simple tease of what were gonna get after "waking up" idk if after "waking up" if we were still dreaming or not. that is something i really liked cause you cant tell if you still dreaming or awake after encountering that thing after "waking up". the game was really fun, cant wait to see what chapter two has in store. keep up the great work amigos.i made a small playthrough if anyone wants to check it out :D 

hey i played the game, the game definitely has potential  but needs more work for sure. specially on the ghosts apparitions sequences, the  design needs a lil more work.  i like the idea youre working with. i hope more work is put on the game keep up the work my friend. id like to see the final version on it i know it can be turn into a good lil horror game i made a playthruif anyone wants to check it out :D 

i had a blast playing  the game. keep up the amazing work. i made a small playthrough

yo, played the game, i had a blast but at the same time scared to deth lol. this is literally one of the scariest games i have played in awhile. keep the amazing work. i wanted to point out glitch idk if its been informed  you about it, but whenever i  would crouch the monster could tn get me but other than that the games was really good. keep the amazing work guys :D i also im made a small playthrough 

i had a blast playing the game, ive never had this much fun punching dicks off until this game...wait... lol but for real keep up the good work everone who worked on the game. i only played a little bit but the small time i played it was really fun an interesting. 


this is is like if edgar allan poe made video games. keep up the great work amigo :D

hiya :D i played your game, looking forward to the continuation, the ending was weird but interesting. i had a lot of fun playing the game. also so much thiccness i might add LUL i give a little review on at the end of the video. keep up the amazing work friends. im tryna reach 50 subscribers id really appreciate if its not to much to ask it if you could share the video  thank you friends :D

hopefully i didn't offend i was just poking fun at it. also keep up the good work friends im liking the story so far and look forward to the next update :D

hiya :D i played your game, I've been following since the first part release. i had a blast playing the update. for a one person project i gotta say the update was pretty good. keep up the good work friend. i think my favorite part was the  time slip theory story part. but one thing that i thought was kinda off was the main menu idk its probably just me. i give a little review to say what i think the update meant. also id really appreciated if you could share the video to you friends, family, and, pets! id really appreciate the support friend :D

hiya :D so i played the game and i gotta say  i had a blast playing it. there was so much mystery and i feel there was some hidden messages that i didnt understand and or  i feel i missed.But i feel that made the game all the better cause it was shrouded in this heavy mystery.  also  i wasnt able to get the second ending, i was a little confused how to trigger the second ending (im kinda tarded tbh) .the map set up was simple but effective and the style really gave it the PS1 feel. keep up the amazing working friends :D i made a playthrough id really appreciate if you like the content if you please share the video with friends, family, your pets anything will do thank you! :)

yea i was a little lazy to look at the controllers settings lol but hopefully my gamer skills showed how good i was at fighting without the lock on mechanic :D haha thank you for checking out the content. i wish much success to the dead sector project i had a lot of fun playing the game. if its not rude to ask could you guys share the video to whoever you think might enjoy the video i would  really appreciate it amgio :D

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i like the updates that were made to this, that last boss tho :O my gawd took me like 4 tries. i hope there more updates to it id like to see it go full version. i give a little review  in the vide

its interesting and fun to see people mess around with the P.T. style element (going in circles in a place and things change and progressively get scarier and scarier) and watching people adding their twist into the mix. This was a really good P.T. inspired game. I had a blast playing the game. Also got a "Layers of fear" vibe which i really liked. One thing i didn't get, I'm kinda tarded but i didn't really understand the mask meaning lol. anyways keep up the amazing work my amigos i hope you guys put out more content like this. i did a small play-through if anyone wants to check it out :D

this game really made me feel like i was playing the PS1 again. i was not ready for the spookiness the game had in-store.maybe i haven't played many games to say this but i thought it was a really unique creepy story concept, keep up the great work friends :D  i made a small playthrough

no problem ima keep my eye on this game, i hope to see more updates on it. keep up the great work friend :D

had a lot of fun playing the game alright i was able to record it window mode. keep the good work friend :D

i had a lot of fun playing and this game is one of the creepiest game ive played in a while. ngl i almost jump outta my chair when the monster tired to jump the barn fence lol . keep up the great work friends :D i made a small playthrough

i tried recording it but my recording system records up tp the point where the controls are shown and the it freezes tried it multiple times and its having the same issue sorry friend. keep up the good work and hopefully you expand on this game. it looks cool 

sure ill give it a second go :D

(spanish lets play) hiya sorry, i finally got to play. i gotta say i had fun playing the game, honestly i was not expecting it to be this scary. there was certain things i wish the game had; like an health bar, stamina bar, maybe notes to help you with the puzzles and to talk more about the story  and maybe a map? idk thats me, but honestly it was really fun to play keep up the good work and i hope to see this more  development to the game. i made a small play through :D

i had a blast playing the game :D honestly i wasn't expecting  a lot,with its colorless style  and normal set up. i was surprise to find myself  liking  how it looked once i started and played the game. it looks aesthetically pleasing.  i also enjoyed  the story and the mystery that i was left with. i am confused as frick about the story to be honest but it left my mind to wonder what it meant and i dig that :D i did a small play through 

i liked the game,honestly i wasn't expecting the game to turn into that style of game. i like the play that was done with the painting keep up the great work friends :D i made a small playthrough

i had a lot of fun playing the game :D i wish it was a little longer. the last portion of the game like it took a 180 turn on the whole situation lol it was good, it was completely unexpected. keep up the great work friends :D i made a small playthrough

(spanish lets play) i had a lot of fun playing the game. the atmosphere was quick to immerse you into this dream like world. the jump scares were so unexpected it was a  hard to predict when one was going to occur.  i hope we get a full release. keep up the amazing work :D 

good game, i had fun playing it, honestly was not expecting that ending, i had a different idea of the game . thought it was heading towards a "paranormal style like a ghost hunting you thru the school you need to survive and escape" type game .  i really like the message  at the end. keep up the good work friend  i made a playthrough of it  :D

(spanish lets play) i had a terrifyingly good experience playing the game i  did have some small minor glitches but i really enjoyed the spooks. awesome fan remake game :D  keep up the amazing work friend  

oye, mi lest play del juego, me divertí jugando, veo potencial pero definitivamente necesita trabajo, pero en general sigue con el buen trabajo amigo :D

(spanish lets play) i really like the game :D the mystery to it was really cool, there was a minor glitch where i got stuck but the game was really good :D keep up the good work!

(Spanish lets play :D) that ending waas unexpected lol 

(spanish lets play) i had a lot of fun playing ,the game was really good, some puzzles stump me so i wasn't able to finish it :(  but overall it was a fun game :D keep up the good work (ver 0.91) 

looking for to it friend :D 

i liked the game, i had fun playing. i think the game has potential.  i just feel the delivery of the abrupt ending could be changed just a little. keep up the good work friend :D


keep up the good work friend, i liked the game. is this you first game you made? if so, keep up the good work, bet you'll be making triple A games right after graduating high school :P. i made play through is it spanish but i still wanted to post here.

(spanish lets play :D) the game was really awesome and draws you in so quick it really immersive. the art style drew me into this game tbh it the reason i check it out lol. keep the amazing work :D

(spanish playthrough) i liked the game :D i think adding more spooks into it would make it better. keep up the amazing  good work!

i think what you guys did with the topic and turning it to a game was pretty cool i think mental illnesses should be talk about more. keep it up :D

(spanish lets play) great game with a strong message. keep up the good work :D

(spanish play-through) that ending was messed up T_T  but i really liked the game :D  amazing job. i look forward to you future project this left a good impression  on me and i feel like i can say this for a lot of people. the game was really good. keep it up everyone :D

(spanish playthrough) the game was really good a had a lot of fun playing the game, keep up the good work!