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i had a lot of fun playing the game, great creepy atmosphere and the unexpected ending really made the game better this is just a really heavy topic and i think you guys translated in your own style fairly well. keep up the good work. :D


Hi, thank you for playing our game. It is a really sensitive topic, glad to know that you liked our style of narration. We are delighted to see how much you liked it even though you ran into some issues of the game. Don't worry, we actually fixed them in the latest build. :D

We really really enjoyed your game-play commentary and sense of humor XD

Very sorry to hear that you have personal experience with a person  who went through this and we wholeheartedly agree with your advice regarding the approach towards people because we don't know what anybody might be going through and some kindness really can save lives. We are also really glad you took the initiative to spread awareness using our game. Cheers to you! :)


thank you for taking some of your time to check out my crappy commentary video lol. i hope you guys make more content id like to see what you guys/gals will do next or if this game has more to it i look forward to it :D. thank you, and i agree just kindness can go a  long way to helping someone. just by even talking or listening to them you know is struggling  can be a big help. i don't deserve the cheers you guys/gals are the ones doing the real work i'm just here playing a video game hah. keep up the great work and i hope to see more content from you guys! :D