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I enjoy the minimalist artstyle. Would be great to see that the skeletons actually attack and follow the player

Would love to see some screenshots :) Have a very similar game

Made it till level 13, but only realized at level 12 that you can get bonus shots :) Overall a surprisingly fun game. Is it your first game?

Really fun to play! Thank you for making this game :) Played it two times and the second run was even more fun because I knew all the tricks.

Keep it going! Do you use any game engine or write your own?

Simple but really fun :)

Cool, thanks for the update! Love the highscore.

Simple and fun. Would love to see some kind of score or even highscore.

Good luck and dont give up your little project!

It is extremely rewarding to finish a game. Also the story sounds very cute and I can imagine it becoming a really cute and fun platformer. 

I am looking forward to playing it :)

Cool, thanks!

Yeah, but is it possible to win?

It is diffult, but fun :)

Fast paced, beautiful graphics and quite challenging. I love it!

Thanks for creating and sharing this game!

This game is real fun! Never played a text-strategy game bevor, but I enjoyed it.

One question: Is there some kind of goal to achieve or do you play forever?

It is fun and is also playable on the computer. Great!

Thank you for sharing this!

I am just getting started as a gamedev myself and this was actually kind of inspirational. Keep up your Motivation and best of luck for future projects!

Thanks :) 

You too!

I like it! It is simple but quite challenging. My highscore is 20 :)

Gonna follow you to see what you do with this game.

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This is way too much fun :D I should be working on my own game but now I am here playing this little cool game.

A score board would be nice to have.

Actually really difficult. Enjoyed it!

Actually I really enjoyed playing it. Some form of healthbar or armor would make it a lot more interesting though.

Thank you very much for your honest feedback.

You are right and I have to agree with you. I should just focus on my next project, a strategy game. Actually I did not find your words to be rude, but really inspirational. This is my first little game and it is absolutely nothing special. Still I am proud of having finished and released this game and it is an important stepping stone. Now I will move on and create something more unique.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply to my post and have a nice day!

First Weekend Sale

50% discount for all weekend gamers on my little arcade gameApples&Leafs

Relax and Play

This fall themed arcade game is great for calming down on the weekend. The colors are pleasant to look at the the funny sound effects will make you smile.

No matter how stressed you are from school or work, it is always fun to chase your highscore. 

Ready to enjoy the weekend? Check it out: Apples&Leafs

It is funny being crushed by the asteroid. The score seems to be a bit random.

Thanks :)

Thank you for your feedback. This is really helpful!

One question: Which price would you recommend? 0.99$, 1$, or maybe 1.49$ ?

I can not start the game. There is an Unity-Error when trying to play.

First pong I have ever played. It is simple, but I enjoy it. Fun gameplay and it is really difficult to beat the hard AI.

This game is simple, but real fun! It is quite similar to my first game :)

Like the simple pixel art and arcade style gameplay.

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Hey All!

I am new to game development and released my first game this week: Apples&Leafs

It is a fun little arcade game, but my game-page does poorly in converting views to actual customers. Some feedback on my game-page would be greatly appreciated.

Here are some questions:

- Do you like or dislike the banner being a GIF?

- Is there too much text?

- Are there any information missing?

- Would you like more screenshots/GIFs?

- Do you like the colors?

For anyone who has played the game:

- How do you like the pace of the game?

- Do you think scoring is too easy?

Please feel free to only answer the questions you like. Any feedback is appreciated.

Okay. Nevertheless it is quite fun and I will try to beat my highscore again :D

Which canvas-sie is it? 32x32 pixels?

Great game! My highscore is 16. Love the artwork and the simple animations. Is really fun to play. 

Made an arcade game myself and enjoy arcade games in general.

Would be good to see some artwork on the gameover-screen too.

I finished all levels! :)

It is simple but really fun! Would love to see some textures on the walls. Really impressive for 5 hours.

I love mazes. Thank you for providing this tool for free!

Great game! I am happy it is on sale.

Great concept! More a workout-app than a game, but really cool.

This looks really awesome! 

I have to learn a lot to reach your skill level in pixel art.