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this is very cool

and I immediately want to experiment with putting prompts on both sides - maybe on different rows, maybe sometimes on the same row

maybe opposite "you mastered subtlety and poise" is "you mastered presence and resistance"

I wanna play with this

Also, if you go into the "More" dropdown in the project editor, you can add your partner to the project as an admin and mark them as a contributor - then, when the project is submitted, both accounts are marked as having submitted to the jam.

This was very cute! Loved the voice acting.

Aha! Thank you - we'll let you know if we have any trouble!

It just occurred to me: how do y'all want entrants to communicate to you what to put in the description of their episodes when they're uploaded? Text file attached to the upload? Description in the body of the project page? What would make things easiest for y'all?

The wild thing is that this game is how we found out what Domino Club is - so I guess Samantha did a good job?

I hope it's okay to post this here, but we just tried using this with our partner for sending audio files back and forth, and it was more convenient than Dropbox or Google Drive: Rymdport. It uses a protocol called "Magic Wormhole" to let two random computers that do not have their own Internet IP addresses send files back and forth.

The interface is pretty janky (for some reason, uppercase letters and lowercase letters are sorted in different parts of the file select window?) but it's free, there's versions for Windows, Linux, and MacOS, and we didn't have to deal with file size limits or storage limits or anything.

I started playing this a little while before sunset and the timing was really good - lined up well.

I really appreciated this! It's cool hearing how people create, and I hope it goes as well as you've been hoping - I really like all the graphics and metaphors.

Thank you!

Sorry to bother you, but would it be possible to release a version of this optimized for lower-end machines? For whatever reason, trying to display this causes my laptop to freeze up, and I can't tell why it would.

Email sent!

Oooh, nice puzzles!

Main observations so far: I love the chunkiness of the animations - objects slowly start moving and then rush into place with an inaudible slam - but I do feel a bit frustrated at the start of levels having to wait for the magnet to arrive and pick it up (them up? what are the magnet's pronouns?) manually every time. I kind of wish that the magnet would fall into the robot's hands as the level swipes in so I could just go immediately upon resetting a level or returning to the hub. (Loved that in Celeste, where "start running instantly" was always a correct timing for timed puzzles.)

The feel of resetting a level is good, though - it's not instant but it's quick. Which I appreciate, because I had to do that a lot.

It's okay! Honestly, it's very possible that it's an OS issue with Python 3.9 - my computer is more than a bit out of date.

This sounds like a rad project! I'm getting a couple errors on the Windows version, though:

The program can't start because api-ms-win-core-path-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.


Error loading Python DLL 'C:\Users\[login name]\Misc Apps\manynames-win64-0.2.0\python39.dll'.
LoadLibrary: The specified module could not be found.
Is there some straightforward way to fix, or a way to run it using Python directly instead of the .exe?

This is delightful! I very much love whatever NPC is going to use "LargeJohnathon" on this hypothetical website.

Oh no - apologies for the eyes-hurt! I'm glad you like the concept, at least.

(If you want to talk about specifics, I'd be interested, but no obligation.)

Thank you! And yeah - I was hoping the upcoming tile preview would work like that, especially with the discarding mechanic.

Thanks for making this! I appreciated playing it quite a bit.

(I did accidentally click through the last screen, though - oops...)

Thank you! I'm really glad it works - we were deep into the jam before we had a playable prototype, so I'm not sure what we could have done if it didn't work out.

you're welcome! thank you for reading it!

I needed to hear this today. I knew what I wanted to protect them from, but ... I needed your thoughts on the exercise of writing that letter.

I might try to write a Bitsy game or something like it.

Seconded! It's been really great seeing all these perspectives on the lives of these people.

This one is so good. It makes me wish there was more, but not as a "this is not enough" feeling, but a "this is what I want from it" feeling. It's so expressive.

This was a great read! I loved watching Tar become more confident and capable and really bring to life their abilities over the course of it, and the way this approaches portal fantasy as a genre is just very nice. I liked it!

This is extremely cute! Glad I played it. <3

Phantom feelings were the big thing we noticed that made us wonder if we were nonhuman! I feel like it's a cool experience to be in touch with them - none of us have felt that much lately

I hope you can figure stuff out and work from there!

I remember seeing this puzzle on the Lexaloffle forums! Fun little low-key thing. Really like how the minute hand is in the correct place for the current time.

I said this in a review I left, but I had the same kind of frustration as Mollyarty and I think it was a matter of expectations. Like, when I encounter a programming game, I expect a problem-solving game - a series of tasks to be tackled with whatever resources are available - and Silicon Zeroes simply is not a problem-solving game. You don't want us to invent solutions, you want us to find whatever solutions you already came up with.

In a problem-solving game, mechanics exist to give the players more tools with which to achieve their goals. In a puzzle game, mechanics exist to give you more tools with which to design obstacles. Approaching this as a problem solving game, then, I feel jerked around, because (to reference the puzzle I quit the game over) the company already has subtract-chips and input-select chips and there's no reason for me not to use those. I can do what this egregious asshole of a fictional character is asking me to do, but you just won't let me - and that makes me feel jerked around by you, not just the character you want me to hate.

In a puzzle game, these design choices are fine. And if I knew this was a puzzle game, I wouldn't have minded because I wouldn't have played it. But I didn't know it was a puzzle game, so when it created meaningless challenges with no in-universe justification, I hated it.

I don't know if this is a helpful comment to you, but reading your reply to Mollyarty, I felt like you were missing a point, so I wanted to highlight it.

Thank you! It was painful to write but we're glad we made it.

It's a ten-year-old laptop, so the compute shader thing is probably the issue. The internet says it has an NVIDIA NVS 3100M, if that helps.

Neat puzzle game! I liked the writing - it felt natural and thematic.

That was really cool to listen to and to read. I appreciate the critical eye you turned to the Wikipedian's list.

There was a blog where we used to be active in the comments, and someone asked a question about the trans woman experience. We started writing a reply with "In my experience" and had to stop and deal with that and call our best friend to come out to them.

Congratulations on your self-discoveries - it is much better to be figuring out gender stuff than not. <3

I think the game was probably broken on my machine - the entire terminal was pitch black and the sky outside was purple - but it ran fine at the lowest resolution and it was honestly beautiful. And the music was lovely. Thank you for making this.

Actually, I should explicitly ask: with the inclusion of Ruins in the "Solo But Not Alone" bundle, there's a possibility of new players joining the game - is this Discord still up and a good place to meet with others?

I don't know if this is still a problem or if the Discord is still active, but for the record, at least in the web UI, there's a "Edit invite link" thingy under the box with the invite link - you can go in there and set an "Expire after" and a "Max Number of Uses".

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I think I may have found another bug? It looks like the magical bamboo isn't registering as an object when other objects are doing calculations during the scoring phase.

Thanks again for all your work!

Recently contributed to the Solo But Not Alone bundle and this game caught my eye - it's quite nice! I ended up making a fictional journal entry from my first game of it.

Also got all four - ended up holding one box while pushing another with my body and it worked for the bit I assume was the tricky bit? There might be more than one way to swing it.