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Heads-up: I might have found another bug? I played a round through the game on mute b/c I was listening to some other music and on stages II and III, it seemed to forget it was muted? I had to push M twice to remute it.

Thanks again for making this!

This was super fun! The push-pull mechanics aren't something I've seen before, and it was delightful climbing the learning curve on them - and the music and graphics and animation are all delightful. :D

A couple quick playtest notes, things I noticed:

  • I knew from seeing samples of the art and gameplay on the fediverse that the player could choose between light and dark fur for the Princess Farmer, but it wasn't until several days into the game that I finally noticed the instruction in the upper right corner about pressing X to switch. The other instructions were on a panel and that one wasn't.
  • The animation for collecting vegetables doesn't play in the cave when you form a line with the very last move - the only hint I had that they counted was it counting towards the unlock.

Those are definitely small things, though - I played through for an hour or so unlocking everything in the beta and had a delightful time. <3

...well, that went dark fast. It's interesting how much of the conversation is the psychologist (psychiatrist?) reading far, far more into one-syllable responses than is actually there.

Also, I rather wish there were a "..." option. My first playthrough, there were times when that was what I wanted the kiddo to be saying. Still an interesting experience.

I loved this. I loved learning the story in the telling of it, loved how the liminal space of a taxi ride fit this story. It was good, and peaceful, and ended well.

(Small note: at one point, the text was coming up in front of a tree with yellow leaves, and the orange taxi-driver's words were very difficult to read. I think if you added a transparent grey background behind the text, they would be clearer.)

...that was an experience. Unexpected but interesting.

Interesting game! I like the protagonist and the art style quite a lot, and replaying, it was interesting watching how the things she found changed with what interpretation she put on them.

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Really good tone and atmosphere. I appreciated playing that.

(Edit: I happened to be listening to Hobodek's album "Odessa" while I was playing - turned out to be very fitting.)

Interesting! Great mechanics for a one-hour jam game - and the amount of time given to prepare was just about right to make it a rush but not impossible. :D

Interesting little game! The graphics are quite nice, and figuring out the game mechanics was fun. :)


I've seen a lot of games that started off as jam games and got developed further - go for it!

Fair enough!

Nice! I like using a heart on the paddle as a life meter - that's pretty neat. :)


It seems to judder a lot on my admittedly-terrible computer, but the art assets and the music and the writing are fun and silly. At least along the path I took, the music set a tone well and the sound effects made sense. :)

Love the polish in the graphics - it's a super basic game, but it's quite clean and functional. Good job!

Only way to exit game seems to be Alt+F4?

In any case: odd game - kinda tricky and not my cup of tea, but quite functional! Good jam game. :)

Good tech demo!

(Note for other mouse-and-keyboard people: the Interact keybinding seems to be F.)

Graphics look fine even on the lowest settings (and the lower settings do run faster), the physics feel pretty decent, I am not used to but appreciate that the player has a character model, the handling-objects systems seem to be good (although I'd like some ways to rotate an object, or pick up by one end to scoot around?), and (ROT13 for spoiler) V nccerpvngr gung fubbgvat bhg gur uvatrf frrzrq gb jbex sbe trggvat guebhtu gur ybpxrq qbbe gb gur onpx ebbz.