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...that was an experience. Unexpected but interesting.

Interesting game! I like the protagonist and the art style quite a lot, and replaying, it was interesting watching how the things she found changed with what interpretation she put on them.

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Really good tone and atmosphere. I appreciated playing that.

(Edit: I happened to be listening to Hobodek's album "Odessa" while I was playing - turned out to be very fitting.)

Interesting! Great mechanics for a one-hour jam game - and the amount of time given to prepare was just about right to make it a rush but not impossible. :D

Interesting little game! The graphics are quite nice, and figuring out the game mechanics was fun. :)


I've seen a lot of games that started off as jam games and got developed further - go for it!

Fair enough!

Nice! I like using a heart on the paddle as a life meter - that's pretty neat. :)


It seems to judder a lot on my admittedly-terrible computer, but the art assets and the music and the writing are fun and silly. At least along the path I took, the music set a tone well and the sound effects made sense. :)

Love the polish in the graphics - it's a super basic game, but it's quite clean and functional. Good job!

Good tech demo!

(Note for other mouse-and-keyboard people: the Interact keybinding seems to be F.)

Graphics look fine even on the lowest settings (and the lower settings do run faster), the physics feel pretty decent, I am not used to but appreciate that the player has a character model, the handling-objects systems seem to be good (although I'd like some ways to rotate an object, or pick up by one end to scoot around?), and (ROT13 for spoiler) V nccerpvngr gung fubbgvat bhg gur uvatrf frrzrq gb jbex sbe trggvat guebhtu gur ybpxrq qbbe gb gur onpx ebbz.