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...all I can think to say is, "Stay safe, but stay alive."

That was really heavy and well done. Good content warnings.

That makes sense - I can try booting it again to take screenshots. Where do I look for log files?

Currently running Windows 7 - running things in a user account and not an admin account, if that makes a difference.

It might be Avast virus protection being a jerk, though - it's freaking impossible to troubleshoot bugs with that :(

That was really good. We didn't expect it to end there - caught us out of nowhere in the best way.

We like slice-of-life stories too, and part of why is the why you mentioned.

Oh bleah - it won't load the islands on my computer ... it shows a black background to the title screen and it never gets out of the "take a stroll" screen when I go to an island. It just plays an occasional water-lapping-on-beach noise. :(

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Additional information if it helps: the bug also happens for medium rocks and low rocks. I don't know if maybe the rock is recorded internally as being present but offscreen instead of being absent? It might be worth checking every item type and seeing if it gives its corresponding nothing-nearby-for-bonuses points; I've not been double-checking small-rock points and I don't think I've had a leftover lantern or shrubbery in the time since I noticed the bug.

Edit: Was able to confirm today (2020-09-27) that unplayed small rocks count for 1 point, which tracks.

This is a really neat game! I've been playing it a whole bunch - it's chill and nice.

I did find one bug today: in this game and one earlier game, I had a big rock on the last turn that I tried to place and removed because there was no good position ... and the game scored it as a 10-point rock anyway.

Thanks again for putting it together - it's been really neat, and I've liked a lot of the gardens I've made.


This was really nice to read - thank you. I like this ant and the mountain she likes.

Yeah - it was mainly the instructions in the first part of the second half, at the end of the day, where we didn't know what we were supposed to be doing. Sorry, I don't know how to talk about it without spoilers and I don't have energy to do debugging.

This was an interesting play! We've tried the "Don't cut the tree" seed, and there were a few spots where we were a little confused by the wording, but we ended up coming up with a pretty meaningful story.

I go back and play this sometimes just to spend more time here

it's really good

I'm glad I was able to be audience to this.

I recognize a few of these thoughts in myself, too.

I don't know how many of us involved with this heartfelt jam have things we can do to help each other with their work, but I'd like to start a thread for people to ask for and offer that help.

For my/our part (Packbat is a plural system), we have a bit of experience working with Bitsy and with PICO-8, including making pixel art in both and composing music and sound effects in the latter, and we can beta-read and/or playtest for clarity and impact fairly well.


Sorry, we'd just explored the entire thing and only afterwards realized that you can look around with the mouse

also, nice environment! I like the lectern and the candles!, that book sounds really problematic.

Thank you - that was really interesting to read.

Really nicely done - I was pretty engaged right away. I like all the components - the narrative hook, the musicality of the puzzles, the art... it was really interesting!

I think this jam is going to be emotionally heavy for a lot of us - I remember that just thinking about stuff to talk about pretty much immediately got into issues of self-doubt, bigoted microaggressions, feelings of complicity in one's own erasure or marginalization...

...the point is: here is a thread to say, "Wow, I'm having a hard time working on this."

And a thread to say, "Yeah, I get you. It's okay to be struggling. I believe in you."

Here's to everyone who joined and everything we find some way to express or communicate.

I'm sorry - that is a terrible and precarious emotional space to be caught up in.

I don't know what resources you have access to - whose help you can call upon - but here's at least one stranger who heard what you said and hopes things get better.

Virtual hugs if you want them.

Quick work! (And the game was quite sweet <3 )

Thank you! Pixel art is really fun.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

...this is probably the greatest Minesweeper variant for us personally that we've ever encountered. There's so much resource management in clearing or not clearing rows and columns and in remembering exactly where the information you have is when the squares that gave it to you disappeared.

Managed a 375 on our first run - gonna have to play this again when we have the brainspace for it, because this was awesome.

Oh, that's really cool! I'll have to watch the rest of your videos for this jam - it's fun hearing your thoughts! Glad you enjoyed the toy!

My attention is caught by the remark about correspondence chess - we've played a lot of correspondence chess and also a lot of videogames, and a connection between them is believable but not obvious to us. I hope later drafts expand on that connection a bit.

- Packfox

This is really sweet! <3 <3 <3

(A small bug report: it seems like, if the bat travels to the lower-left corner a second time, the "screee" doesn't play and there's no way to leave...)

Hi hi hello! I've actually made a thing for a game jam before - hopefully this will be jam game #2 for me. Good luck, everyone!

Glad you enjoyed it! :D

Very nice! I was messing around with the sprite editor and map editor trying to fake this in stock PICO-8, but this is exactly what I needed for what I was doing :D

Interesting! That was very evocative, though I don't quite know what was meant by it.

This is nice. <3

...well, that went dark fast. It's interesting how much of the conversation is the psychologist (psychiatrist?) reading far, far more into one-syllable responses than is actually there.

Also, I rather wish there were a "..." option. My first playthrough, there were times when that was what I wanted the kiddo to be saying. Still an interesting experience.

I loved this. I loved learning the story in the telling of it, loved how the liminal space of a taxi ride fit this story. It was good, and peaceful, and ended well.

(Small note: at one point, the text was coming up in front of a tree with yellow leaves, and the orange taxi-driver's words were very difficult to read. I think if you added a transparent grey background behind the text, they would be clearer.)

...that was an experience. Unexpected but interesting.

Interesting game! I like the protagonist and the art style quite a lot, and replaying, it was interesting watching how the things she found changed with what interpretation she put on them.

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Really good tone and atmosphere. I appreciated playing that.

(Edit: I happened to be listening to Hobodek's album "Odessa" while I was playing - turned out to be very fitting.)