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These are incredibly nice!!!

We made it in less than two days for a game jam, so we included as much as we had time to haha! I'm glad you liked it, I laughed at your background  commentary!

This comment made my week. I'd love to check it out if you can share it, I'm really curious!

Hey! Not yet, no. We haven't gotten to finish it. But I hope you've been having fun with it nonetheless!

Nice! Glad they're having fun with it! :)

Thanks!!! And please, tell me how it goes!

Did something finally came out of this idea?

This one is so good and useful!

(Btw, small typo on Side effect, 6. speak "nonesenee" instead of "nonesense", at least on the picture)

Thank you so much! If you run it please tell me about it! :D

No, you're not dumb! It just happened to me too. Try reloading and then press interact (E) to close the controls menu.

If someone sets up a POD thing it can always be just paying for the printing costs, with no profit going to anyone.

I'm always up for it being compiled into a zine!

Thanks! And yeah, the artists did a really nice job! :)

Thank you so much! We're so happy you enjoyed your time with it!

Thank you, glad you enjoyed the little details! :)

Thank you! We're really happy you liked it!!!

Thank you so much, we're glad you enjoyed it! We realized that you actually won in 8:45, but only saw 1 frame of the winning animation because it cut back to the instructions, so well done!

Thank you, I'm sure the artists will be pleased!

Thank you for playing it! You mastered the game so quickly omg!!!

Thanks a lot! I've been tweaking the design and thinking about sending it to some publisher or self-publishing it through a page like TheGameCrafter. Let's hope I have something during the coming months!

Hey, thanks for the video! I hope you had fun. That's probably the highest score I've seen on a video playthrough of the game, so CONGRATS!

Thank you for the vid, Coconut. I'm a fan of the silent gameplay tbh!

Thank you, Simtasia! And yes, I do watch very video all of you make about our little game!

Thank you for the sweet words and for playing it, I hope you had fun!

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you and thanks for playing it!

Thanks a lot again for playing it and making the vid!!!!

Hi! Thanks a lot for the video Viixun, I hope you had fun!

Ha! Fun take on it, thanks for the vid!

It’s a type of compressed file, from the program 7Zip. Any other program should extract it, but if not, try downloading 7Zip, it’s free if I remember correctly.

It’s a compressed file. Right click on it and select “Extract”. I hope you have fun!

Hey, thanks a lot for the playthrough! I hope you had a good time with it ;D

Yes, it does. I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you so much, PixelPaladin!