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Hey, thanks for the video! I hope you had fun. That's probably the highest score I've seen on a video playthrough of the game, so CONGRATS!

Thank you for the vid, Coconut. I'm a fan of the silent gameplay tbh!

Thank you, Simtasia! And yes, I do watch very video all of you make about our little game!

Thank you for the sweet words and for playing it, I hope you had fun!

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you and thanks for playing it!

Thanks a lot again for playing it and making the vid!!!!

Hi! Thanks a lot for the video Viixun, I hope you had fun!

Ha! Fun take on it, thanks for the vid!

It’s a type of compressed file, from the program 7Zip. Any other program should extract it, but if not, try downloading 7Zip, it’s free if I remember correctly.

It’s a compressed file. Right click on it and select “Extract”. I hope you have fun!

Hey, thanks a lot for the playthrough! I hope you had a good time with it ;D

Yes, it does. I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you so much, PixelPaladin!